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Child Psychiatry & Human Development

Uitgave 1/2015

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Original Article

Relation Between Parent Symptomatology and Youth Problems: Multiple Mediation Through Family Income and Parent–Youth Stress

Jessica L. Schleider, Anushka Patel, Lauren Krumholz, Bruce F. Chorpita, John R. Weisz

Original Article

Negative and Distorted Attributions Towards Child, Self, and Primary Attachment Figure Among Posttraumatically Stressed Mothers: What Changes with Clinician Assisted Videofeedback Exposure Sessions (CAVES)

Daniel S. Schechter, Dominik A. Moser, Aaron Reliford, Jaime E. McCaw, Susan W. Coates, J. Blake Turner, Sandra Rusconi Serpa, Erica Willheim

Original Paper

Visuospatial Working Memory in 7- to 12-Year-Old Children with Disruptive Behavior Disorders

Suvi Saarinen, Tuija Fontell, Virve Vuontela, Synnöve Carlson, Eeva T. Aronen

Original Article

Adaptive Multimodal Treatment for Children with Attention-Deficit-/Hyperactivity Disorder: An 18 Month Follow-Up

Manfred Döpfner, Elena Ise, Tanja Wolff Metternich-Kaizman, Stephanie Schürmann, Christiane Rademacher, Dieter Breuer

Original Article

Association Between Internalizing Disorders and Day-to-Day Activities of Low Energetic Expenditure

Natan Pereira Gosmann, Giovanni Abrahão Salum, Felipe Schuch, Patrícia Pelufo Silveira, Vera Lucia Bosa, Marcelo Zubaran Goldani, Gisele Gus Manfro

Original Article

Frequency and Correlates of Suicidal Ideation in Pediatric Obsessive–Compulsive Disorder

Eric A. Storch, Regina Bussing, Marni L. Jacob, Joshua M. Nadeau, Erika Crawford, P. Jane Mutch, Dana Mason, Adam B. Lewin, Tanya K. Murphy

Original Paper

Parental Anxiety as a Predictor of Medication and CBT Response for Anxious Youth

Araceli Gonzalez, Tara S. Peris, Allison Vreeland, Cara J. Kiff, Philip C. Kendall, Scott N. Compton, Anne Marie Albano, Boris Birmaher, Golda S. Ginsburg, Courtney P. Keeton, John March, James McCracken, Moira Rynn, Joel Sherrill, John T. Walkup, John Piacentini

Original Article

Parent–Child Conflict and Early Childhood Adjustment in Two-Parent Low-Income Families: Parallel Developmental Processes

Chelsea M. Weaver, Daniel S. Shaw, Jennifer L. Crossan, Thomas J. Dishion, Melvin N. Wilson

Original Article

Differentiating Autism Spectrum Disorder and Overlapping Psychopathology with a Brief Version of the Social Responsiveness Scale

Caroline Moul, Avril Cauchi, David J. Hawes, John Brennan, Mark R. Dadds

Substantive/Theoretical Review

The Prevalence of Psychopathology in Siblings of Children with Mental Health Problems: A 20-Year Systematic Review

Nylanda Ma, Rachel Roberts, Helen Winefield, Gareth Furber

Original Article

Anxiety Disorders and Behavioral Inhibition in Preschool Children: A Population-Based Study

Frank W. Paulus, Aline Backes, Charlotte S. Sander, Monika Weber, Alexander von Gontard

Original Paper

Anxiety Disorder Symptoms in Chinese Preschool Children

Meifang Wang, Jinxia Zhao

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