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22-03-2019 | Original Article

Separation Anxiety Assessment Scale—Parent Version: Spanish Validation (SAAS-P: Spanish Validation)

The objective of this research is to validate the Spanish adaptation of the Separation Anxiety Assessment Scale—Parent Version (SAAS-P). We conducted two studies with parents of schoolchildren aged 8–11 years: (1) exploratory factor analysis: 910 …

16-03-2019 | Original Article Open Access

Content-Specific Interpretation Bias in Children with Varying Levels of Anxiety: The Role of Gender and Age

The current study examined whether children varying in their levels of social anxiety, separation anxiety and spider fear exhibit a negative interpretation bias specific for their fears. Furthermore, age and gender were assessed as moderators of …

08-03-2019 | Original Article

Friendship Quality in Youth With and Without Disruptive Behavior Disorders: The Role of Empathy, Aggression, and Callousness

Youth with disruptive behavior disorders (DBD; Oppositional defiant disorder and/or conduct disorder) are known to show impaired social relationships. Little is known about positive (PFQ) and negative best friendship quality (NFQ) in youth with …

08-03-2019 | Original Article

Longitudinal Relationships Between Parent Factors, Children’s Bullying, and Victimization Behaviors

Longitudinal data from NICHD Study of Early Child Care and Youth Development tested direct, indirect and reciprocal effects of maternal depressive symptoms, stress/support factors on child bullying and peer victimization through mother–child …

07-03-2019 | Original Article

Identifying Risk Factors for Disordered Eating among Female Youth in Primary Care

Eating disorders are a serious, life-threating condition impacting adolescents and young adults. Providers in primary care settings have an important role in identifying disordered eating (DE) symptoms. Unfortunately, symptoms go undetected in 50% …

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