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07-09-2019 | Original Article Open Access

Short and Long-Term Parental Posttraumatic Stress After a Child’s Accident: Prevalence and Associated Factors

Studies on the long-term prevalence of parental posttraumatic stress symptoms (PTSS) following child accidental injury are scarce, and findings on risk factors vary. In this follow-up study (T2, n = 69) we determined the prevalence of parental …

07-09-2019 | Original Article

Childhood Sleep Functioning as a Developmental Precursor of Adolescent Adjustment Problems

Sleep has been linked to adjustment difficulties in both children and adolescents; yet little is known about the long-term impact of childhood sleep on subsequent development. This study tested whether childhood sleep problems, sleep quantity, and …

06-09-2019 | Original Article

A Pilot Study of Family-Based Exposure-Focused Treatment for Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Anxiety

Anxiety is a common and impairing condition in youth with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Evidence supports the use of cognitive behavioral therapy for treating anxiety in this population; however, available treatment protocols may be difficult …

04-09-2019 | Original Article

Maternal Elaborative Language in Shared Emotion Talk with ODD Children: Relationship to Child Emotion Competencies

While maternal elaborative reminiscing has been found to be positively connected to children’s emotion competencies, little is known about how the quality of maternal talk during mother–child talk about shared emotion events relates to emotional …

04-09-2019 | Original Article Open Access

The Longitudinal Association Between Preadolescent Facial Emotion Identification and Family Factors, and Psychotic Experiences in Adolescence (The TRAILS Study)

The current study examines whether facial emotion identification and family factors at preadolescence (age 11) predict psychotic experiences 5 years later during adolescence (age 16) and whether family factors may mediate the association between …

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