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Journal of Youth and Adolescence

Uitgave 7/2023

Inhoudsopgave (14 Artikelen)

Empirical Research

Adolescents’ Love Lives: Heterogeneity in Relationship Status Trajectories and Links with Affect

Marta Tienda, Sara I. Villalta, Rachel E. Goldberg, Dawn Koffman

Empirical Research

Parenting Practices during Childhood and Later Adolescent Sexual Outcomes

Ashley Forbush, Jocelyn S. Wikle

Open Access Empirical Research

A Few Close Friends? Adolescent Friendships’ Effect on Internalizing Symptoms Is Serially Mediated by Desire for More Friends and Social Goal Orientation

Reubs J. Walsh, Nikki C. Lee, Imke L. J. Lemmers-Jansen, Miriam Hollarek, Hester Sijtsma, Mariët van Buuren, Lydia Krabbendam

Open Access Empirical Research

Stability and Change in Adolescents’ Sense of Agency: Contributions of Sex, Multiple Risk, Pandemic Stress, and Attachment to Parents

Filipa Nunes, Catarina P. Mota, Tiago Ferreira, Ingrid Schoon, Paula M. Matos

Open Access Empirical Research

Evaluating Mentors in Violence Prevention: A Longitudinal, Multilevel Assessment of Outcome Changes

Stefania Pagani, Simon C. Hunter, David Lawrence, Mark A. Elliott

Open Access Empirical Research

Depression Socialization in Early Adolescent Friendships: The Role of Baseline Depressive Symptoms and Autonomous Functioning

Esther L. Bernasco, Jolien van der Graaff, Stefanie A. Nelemans, Tessa M. L. Kaufman, Susan Branje

Open Access Empirical Research

Trajectories of Screen Time across Adolescence and Their Associations with Adulthood Mental Health and Behavioral Outcomes

Xinxin Zhu, Helen Griffiths, Zhuoni Xiao, Denis Ribeaud, Manuel Eisner, Yi Yang, Aja Louise Murray

Empirical Research

Sensation Seeking and Substance use in Chinese Adolescents: Longitudinal Trajectories and Prospective Within-person Associations

Tenghui Shen, Chuqi Chen, Sai Tang, Yang Gao, Cuicui Wang, Sha Tao, Daoyang Wang

Open Access Empirical Research

Academic Stress, Academic Self-efficacy, and Psychological Distress: A Moderated Mediation of Within-person Effects

Sara Madeleine Kristensen, Torill Marie Bogsnes Larsen, Helga Bjørnøy Urke, Anne Grete Danielsen