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Journal of Youth and Adolescence 3/2022
Journal of Youth and Adolescence

Uitgave 3/2022


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23-01-2022 | Empirical Research

Adolescents’ Partner Search in the Digital Age: Correlates and Characteristics of Relationships Initiated Online
Marta Tienda, Rachel E. Goldberg, Jay R. Westreich

27-10-2021 | Empirical Research

The Art of Social Justice: Examining Arts Programming as a Context for Critical Consciousness Development Among Youth
Deanna A. Ibrahim, Erin B. Godfrey, Elise Cappella, Esther Burson

07-01-2022 | Empirical Research

Assessing the Link between Adolescents’ Awareness of Inequality and Civic Engagement across Time and Racial/Ethnic Groups
Jason Anthony Plummer, Laura Wray-Lake, Lauren Alvis, Aaron Metzger, Amy K. Syvertsen

25-01-2022 | Empirical Research

Parenting, Peers and Psychosocial Adjustment: Are the Same—or Different—Children Affected by Each?
Kristina Sayler, Xiaoya Zhang, Laurence Steinberg, Jay Belsky

03-11-2021 | Empirical Research

Early Timing and Determinants of the Sexual Orientation Disparity in Internalizing Psychopathology: A Prospective Cohort Study from Ages 3 to 15
John E. Pachankis, Kirsty A. Clark, Daniel N. Klein, Lea R. Dougherty

26-11-2021 | Empirical Research

Sexual Minority Status, Bullying Exposure, Emotion Regulation Difficulties, and Delinquency Among Court-Involved Adolescent Girls
Andrew P. Barnett, Christopher D. Houck, David Barker, Christie J. Rizzo

02-12-2021 | Empirical Research

Adolescents’ Perception of Their Sexual Self, Relational Capacities, Attitudes Towards Sexual Pleasure and Sexual Practices: a Descriptive Analysis
Judith Kotiuga, Maya A. Yampolsky, Geneviève M. Martin

20-11-2021 | Empirical Research

Does Self-control Outdo IQ in Predicting Academic Performance?
Alexander T. Vazsonyi, Magda Javakhishvili, Marek Blatny

Open Access 18-10-2021 | Empirical Research

Longitudinal Associations Between Depressive Symptoms and Quality of Romantic Relationships in Late Adolescence
Daniek H. J. Joosten, Stefanie A. Nelemans, Wim Meeus, Susan Branje

Open Access 18-10-2021 | Empirical Research

Longitudinal Links of Individual and Collective Morality with Adolescents’ Peer Aggression
Gianluca Gini, Robert Thornberg, Kay Bussey, Federica Angelini, Tiziana Pozzoli

Open Access 05-10-2021 | Empirical Research

Long-Term Effects of Acceptance and Rejection by Parents and Peers on Educational Attainment: A Study from Pre-Adolescence to Early Adulthood
Sofie J. Lorijn, Maaike C. Engels, Mark Huisman, René Veenstra

22-10-2021 | Empirical Research

Identifying Specific Emotion Regulation Deficits that Associate with Nonsuicidal Self-injury and Suicide Ideation in Adolescents
Amy M. Brausch, Rebekah B. Clapham, Andrew K. Littlefield

17-01-2022 | Empirical Research

Profiles of Anxious and Depressive Symptoms Among Adolescent Boys and Girls: Associations with Coping Strategies
Elizabeth Olivier, Alexandre J. S. Morin, Kristel Tardif-Grenier, Isabelle Archambault, Véronique Dupéré, Corinne Hébert

Open Access 01-02-2022 | Empirical Research

Young Adult Adaptability to the Social Challenges of the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Protective Role of Friendships
Jaana Juvonen, Leah M. Lessard, Naomi G. Kline, Sandra Graham

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