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Journal of Youth and Adolescence 4/2022
Journal of Youth and Adolescence

Uitgave 4/2022


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27-01-2022 | Empirical Research

Psychological Resources as a Buffer Between Racial/Ethnic and SES-based Discrimination and Adolescents’ Academic Well-being
Celeste C. Fernandez, Aprile D. Benner

29-01-2022 | Empirical Research

Pathways from Food and Housing Insecurity to Adolescent Behavior Problems: The Mediating Role of Parenting Stress
Katherine Marçal

02-02-2022 | Empirical Research

Indirect Associations between Middle-Childhood Externalizing Behaviors and Adolescent Substance Use through Late-Childhood Exposure to Violence
Shannon M. Savell, Sean R. Womack, Melvin N. Wilson, Kathryn Lemery-Chalfant, Daniel S. Shaw

02-02-2022 | Empirical Research

Parental Self-Efficacy and Physiological Responses to Stress among Mothers of Early Adolescents
Christy Miller Buchanan, Meghan J. Gangel, Amy L. McCurdy, Anne C. Fletcher, Cheryl Buehler

Open Access 03-02-2022 | Empirical Research

Trajectories of Symptom Change in School-Based Prevention Programs for Adolescent Girls with Subclinical Depression
Rineke Bossenbroek, Marlou Poppelaars, Daan H. M. Creemers, Yvonne Stikkelbroek, Anna Lichtwarck-Aschoff

29-01-2022 | Empirical Research

Longitudinal Patterns in Adolescent Intentions to Seek Help for Dating Violence: A Latent Transition Analysis
Natallia Sianko, Deborah Kunkel

30-01-2022 | Empirical Research

Working Harder than Others to Prove Yourself: High-Effort Coping as a Buffer between Teacher-Perpetrated Racial Discrimination and Mental Health among Black American Adolescents
Elizabeth Jelsma, Shanting Chen, Fatima Varner

03-02-2022 | Empirical Research

A Media Literacy Education Approach to High School Sexual Health Education: Immediate Effects of Media Aware on Adolescents’ Media, Sexual Health, and Communication Outcomes
Tracy M. Scull, Christina V. Dodson, Jacob G. Geller, Liz C. Reeder, Kathryn N. Stump

05-02-2022 | Empirical Research

Does Early Adolescent Arrest Alter the Developmental Course of Offending into Young Adulthood?
Bianca E. Bersani, Wade C. Jacobsen, Elaine Eggleston Doherty

12-02-2022 | Empirical Research

Complex Outness Patterns Among Sexual Minority Youth: A Latent Class Analysis
Antonia E. Caba, Allen B. Mallory, Kay A. Simon, Taylor Rathus, Ryan J. Watson

12-02-2022 | Empirical Research

Parental Collectivism Goals and Chinese Adolescents’ Prosocial Behaviors: The Mediating Role of Authoritative Parenting
Zexi Zhou, Yang Qu, Xiaoru Li

16-02-2022 | Empirical Research

Youth-specific sexual and gender minority state-level policies: Implications for pronoun, name, and bathroom/locker room use among gender minority youth
Benton M. Renley, Esther Burson, Kay A. Simon, Antonia E. Caba, Ryan J. Watson

21-02-2022 | Empirical Research

Cooperative and Competitive Attitudes During Adolescence and Their Social and Academic Outcomes
You-kyung Lee, Eunjin Seo

Open Access 22-02-2022 | Empirical Research

The Comparative Roles of Mentor Self-Efficacy and Empathy in Fostering Relationship Quality with Youth
Kelsey L. Deane, Ashley A. Boat, Shelley A. Haddock, Kimberly L. Henry, Toni S. Zimmerman, Lindsey M. Weiler

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