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Journal of Child and Family Studies

Uitgave 9/2017

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Original Paper

Measuring Mental Wellbeing Among Adolescents: A Systematic Review of Instruments

Theda Rose, Sean Joe, Ashlie Williams, Ryan Harris, Gail Betz, Sarah Stewart-Brown

Original Paper

Longitudinal Evaluation of the Role of Academic and Social Impairment and Parent-Adolescent Conflict in the Development of Depression in Adolescents with ADHD

Hana-May Eadeh, Elizaveta Bourchtein, Joshua M. Langberg, Laura D. Eddy, Lauren Oddo, Stephen J. Molitor, Steven W. Evans

Original Paper

Assessing Coparenting Relationships in Daily Life: The Daily Coparenting Scale (D-Cop)

Brandon T. McDaniel, Douglas M. Teti, Mark E. Feinberg

Original Paper

Examining the Psychometric Properties of the Brazilian Ages & Stages Questionnaires-Social-Emotional: Use in Public Child Daycare Centers in Brazil

Chieh-Yu Chen, Huichao Xie, Alberto Filgueiras, Jane Squires, Luis Anunciação, Jesus Landeira-Fernandez

Original Paper

Relationship between Disabilities and Adoption Outcomes in African American Children

Minli Liao, Sarah Dababnah, Hyeshin Park

Original Paper

Foster Care Children’s Kinship Involvement and Behavioral Risks: A Longitudinal Study

Gayle L. Blakely, Scott C. Leon, Anne K. Fuller, Grace Jhe Bai

Original Paper

Parent-Led Exposure Therapy: A Pilot Study of a Brief Behavioral Treatment for Anxiety in Young Children

Brittany M. Rudy, Sophia Zavrou, Carly Johnco, Eric A. Storch, Adam B. Lewin

Original Paper

Effects of Maternal Depression Symptoms and Alcohol Use Problems on Child Internalizing and Externalizing Behavior Problems

Glenn R. Mesman, Nicola A. Edge, Lorraine M. McKelvey, Joy L. Pemberton, Khiela J. Holmes

Original Paper

A Genetically Informed Study of the Covariation Between Childhood Anxiety Dimensions and Social Competence

Simona Scaini, Raffaella Belotti, Valeria Fiocco, Marco Battaglia, Anna Ogliari

Original Paper

Predicting Parent-Child Aggression Risk in Mothers and Fathers: Role of Emotion Regulation and Frustration Tolerance

Christina M. Rodriguez, Levi R. Baker, Doris F. Pu, Meagan C. Tucker

Original Paper

Examining School Attachment, Social Support, and Trauma Symptomatology Among Court-Involved, Female Students

Shantel D. Crosby, Cheryl L. Somers, Angelique G. Day, Meredith Zammit, Jenna M. Shier, Beverly A. Baroni

Original Paper

Creating Novel School-Based Education Programs to Cultivate Mindfulness in Youth: What The Letters Told Us

Julianne Cheek, Elizabeth M. Abrams, David L. Lipschitz, David R. Vago, Yoshio Nakamura

Original Paper

A Pilot Study of Mindfulness Skills to Reduce Stress among a Diverse Paraprofessional Workforce

Rachel H. Jacobs, Sisi Guo, Prabha Kaundinya, Davielle Lakind, Jesse Klein, Dana Rusch, Angela Walden, Tara Mehta, Marc Atkins

Original Paper

Reducing Safety Hazards in the Home through the Use of an Evidence-Based Parenting Program

Whitney L. Rostad, Erin A. McFry, Shannon Self-Brown, Amy Damashek, Daniel J. Whitaker

Original Paper

Does General Parenting Context Modify Adolescents' Appraisals and Coping with a Situation of Parental Regulation? The Case of Autonomy-Supportive Parenting

Stijn Van Petegem, Melanie J. Zimmer-Gembeck, Bart Soenens, Maarten Vansteenkiste, Katrijn Brenning, Elien Mabbe, Janne Vanhalst, Grégoire Zimmermann

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