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Journal of Child and Family Studies

Journal of Child and Family Studies 5/2006

Uitgave 5/2006

Inhoudsopgave ( 12 Artikelen )

01-10-2006 | Editorial | Uitgave 5/2006

Recovery and Child Mental Health Services

Donald P. Oswald

01-10-2006 | Uitgave 5/2006

Mother-Adolescent Relationship Quality and Autonomy as Predictors of Psychosocial Adjustment Among African American Adolescents

Mia Smith Bynum Ph.D., Beth A. Kotchick Ph.D.

01-10-2006 | Original Paper | Uitgave 5/2006

Parental Psychopathology and Paternal Child Neglect in Late Childhood

Chris Stewart Ph.D., Ada C. Mezzich Ph.D., Bang-Shiuh Day M.I.S.

01-10-2006 | Original Paper | Uitgave 5/2006

Assessing Parenting Practices Through Parent-Report and Direct Observation During Parent-Training

David J. Hawes Ph.D., Mark R. Dadds Ph.D.

01-10-2006 | Original Paper | Uitgave 5/2006

A Multifactorial Model for the Etiology of Anxiety in Non-Clinical Adolescents: Main and Interactive Effects of Behavioral Inhibition, Attachment and Parental Rearing

Anna M. L. van Brakel, Peter Muris, Susan M. Bögels, Charlotte Thomassen

01-10-2006 | Uitgave 5/2006

Children of Incarcerated Mothers and Their Caregivers: Factors Affecting the Quality of Their Relationship

Virginia H. Mackintosh M.S., Barbara J. Myers Ph.D., Suzanne S. Kennon M.S.

01-10-2006 | Original Article | Uitgave 5/2006

Psychometric Properties of the Alabama Parenting Questionnaire

Cecilia A. Essau Ph.D., Satoko Sasagawa M.A., Paul J. Frick Ph.D.

01-10-2006 | Uitgave 5/2006

Treatment for Youth in Short-Term Care Facilities: The Impact of a Comprehensive Behavior Management Intervention

Kristin Duppong Hurley Ph.D., Stephanie Ingram B.A., J. Douglas Czyz B.S., Nicholas Juliano B.A., Evelyn Wilson M.H.D.

01-10-2006 | Original Paper | Uitgave 5/2006

The Quality of Home Environment in Brazil: An Ecological Model

Ebenézer A. de Oliveira, Fernando C. Barros, Luciana D. da Silva Anselmi, Cesar A. Piccinini

01-10-2006 | Uitgave 5/2006

Informant Discrepancies in Assessing Child Dysfunction Relate to Dysfunction Within Mother-Child Interactions

Andres De Los Reyes M.S., Alan E. Kazdin Ph.D.

01-10-2006 | Book Review | Uitgave 5/2006

Luis Rodriguez de la Sierra, Child Analysis Today Karnac Books, London, UK 2004

Haran Wernik

01-10-2006 | Book Review | Uitgave 5/2006

Robert Rand. Madison, Wisconson Dancing Away an Anxious Mind: A Memoir about Overcoming Panic Disorder

The University of Wisconsin Press, 2004
Angela D. Adkins

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