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Journal of Child and Family Studies

Uitgave 1/2015

Inhoudsopgave (19 Artikelen)

Original Paper

Emotion Understanding (and Misunderstanding) in Clinically Referred Preschoolers: The Role of Child Language and Maternal Depressive Symptoms

Sarah E. Martin, Lauren R. Williamson, Evangeline C. Kurtz-Nelson, John R. Boekamp

Original Paper

Typicality and Subtle Difference in Sibling Relationships: Experiences of Adolescents with Autism

Michael A. Petalas, Richard P. Hastings, Susie Nash, Simon Duff

Original Paper

Service Providers’ Adherence to an Evidence-Based Parenting Program: What are They Missing and Why?

Whitney D. Taylor, Veronica Asgary-Eden, Catherine M. Lee, Kathryn J. LaRoche

Original Paper

Self-reported Life Satisfaction and Response Style Differences Among Children in Chile and Sweden

Lisa Clefberg Liberman, Karolina Larsson, María Paz Altuzarra, Lars-Göran Öst, Thomas Ollendick

Original Paper

Evaluation of MBCT for Adolescents with ADHD and Their Parents: Impact on Individual and Family Functioning

Jillian Haydicky, Carly Shecter, Judith Wiener, Joseph M. Ducharme

Original Paper

Italian Adults’ Recall of Childhood Exposure to Parental Loyalty Conflicts

Maria Cristina Verrocchio, Amy J. L. Baker

Original Paper

Effects of Parental Warmth and Academic Pressure on Anxiety and Depression Symptoms in Chinese Adolescents

Andrew S. Quach, Norman B. Epstein, Pamela J. Riley, Mariana K. Falconier, Xiaoyi Fang

Original Paper

Parenting Practices, Children’s Peer Relationships and Being Bullied at School

Karyn L. Healy, Matthew R. Sanders, Aarti Iyer

Original Paper

Family-Based Crisis Intervention in the Emergency Department: A New Model of Care

Katherine B. Ginnis, Erina M. White, Abigail M. Ross, Elizabeth A. Wharff

Original Paper

Childbearing Motivations Scale: Construction of a New Measure and its Preliminary Psychometric Properties

Maryse Guedes, Marco Pereira, Raquel Pires, Paula Carvalho, Maria Cristina Canavarro

Original Paper

Examining Parenting in the Neighborhood Context: A Review

Jessica Cuellar, Deborah J. Jones, Emma Sterrett