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Journal of Child and Family Studies

Uitgave 8/2014

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Original Paper

Executive Functioning in Adolescent Depressive Disorders

Karen Holler, Brian Kavanaugh, Nathan E. Cook

Original Paper

The Role of Parental Distress in Moderating the Influence of Child Neglect on Maladjustment

Sara R. Berzenski, David S. Bennett, Victoria A. Marini, Margaret Wolan Sullivan, Michael Lewis

Original Paper

The Association Between Therapeutic Alliance and Treatment Outcomes in a Group Triple P Intervention

Fred Schmidt, Suzanne Chomycz, Carolyn Houlding, Alexandra Kruse, Jessica Franks

Original Paper

The Role of Stress Exposure and Family Functioning in Internalizing Outcomes of Urban Families

Ashli J. Sheidow, David B. Henry, Patrick H. Tolan, Martha K. Strachan

Original Paper

Change in Age-Specific, Psychosocial Correlates of Risky Sexual Behaviors Among Youth: Longitudinal Findings From a Deep South, High-Risk Sample

Tiarney D. Ritchwood, Rebecca J. Howell, Amy C. Traylor, Wesley T. Church II, John M. Bolland

Original Paper

Assessing Specific Discipline Techniques: A Mixed-Methods Approach

Christina Moses Passini, Sandrine Pihet, Nicolas Favez

Original Paper

Adolescent Girls and Their Mothers Talk About Experiences of Binge and Loss of Control Eating

Allison A. Palmberg, Marilyn Stern, Nichole R. Kelly, Cynthia Bulik, Faye Z. Belgrave, Stephen K. Trapp, Sara M. Hofmeier, Suzanne E. Mazzeo

Original Paper

Maternal Relationship Insecurity and Depressive Symptoms as Moderators of Home Visiting Impacts on Child Outcomes

Fallon Cluxton-Keller, Lori Burrell, Sarah S. Crowne, Elizabeth McFarlane, S. Darius Tandon, Philip J. Leaf, Anne K. Duggan

Original Paper

Child and Family Emotional Functioning: A Cross-National Examination of Families from China and the United States

Cynthia Suveg, James N. Raley, Diana Morelen, Wei Wang, Rachel Z. Han, Scott Campion

Original Paper

Evidence-Based Assessment in Children and Adolescents with Obsessive–Compulsive Disorder

Marina Iniesta-Sepúlveda, Ana I. Rosa-Alcázar, Ángel Rosa-Alcázar, Eric A. Storch

Original Paper

Parenting Adolescents: Examining the Factor Structure of the Alabama Parenting Questionnaire for Adolescents

Kimberly R. Zlomke, Dustin Lamport, Sarah Bauman, Beth Garland, Brett Talbot

Original Paper

Maternal Behavior Prior to Parenting as a Transgenerational Predictor of Offspring Behavior

Rachel N. Schentag Trella, Scott R. Miller, Daniel Edelstein, Carlin J. Miller

Original Paper

Emerging Adults’ Behavior Problems and Coping Following Hurricanes

Rachel S. White, Teresa Marino Carper, Samantha L. Scott, Melissa Middleton, Kimberly Renk, Amie Grills-Taquechel

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