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Journal of Child and Family Studies

Uitgave 1/2014

Inhoudsopgave (16 Artikelen)

Original Paper

What Happens in Therapy? Adolescents’ Expectations and Perceptions of Psychotherapy

Peter K. Stewart, Michael M. Steele, Michael C. Roberts

Original Paper

Family Structure and Child Adjustment in Spain

Alfredo Oliva, Enrique Arranz, Agueda Parra, Fernando Olabarrieta

Original Paper

Improving Parental Competencies: Subjectively Perceived Usefulness of a Parent Training Matters

Frederik A. Graf, Mandy Grumm, Sascha Hein, Michael Fingerle

Original Paper

Mothers’ and Adolescents’ Perceptions of Family Environment and Adolescent Social-Emotional Functioning

Wendy Cavendish, Marjorie Montague, Craig Enders, Samantha Dietz

Original Paper

Children of Mentally Ill Parents Participating in Preventive Support Groups: Parental Diagnoses and Child Risk

Floor van Santvoort, Clemens M. H. Hosman, Karin T. M. van Doesum, Jan M. A. M. Janssens

Original Paper

Associations Between Adolescents’ Family Stressors and Life Satisfaction

Ashley M. Chappel, Shannon M. Suldo, Julia A. Ogg

Open Access Original Paper

Training and Maintaining System-Wide Reliability in Outcome Management

Melanie A. Barwick, Diana J. Urajnik, Julia E. Moore

Original Paper

Personality Resemblance Between Parents and Offspring: Study of Five Factors Across Four Samples and Questionnaires

Denis Bratko, Ana Butković, Tena Vukasović, Gordana Keresteš, Irma Brković

Original Paper

Minority Representation in Special Education: 5-Year Trends

Dalun Zhang, Antonis Katsiyannis, Song Ju, Eric Roberts

Original Paper

Youth’s Help-Seeking Intentions for ADHD and Depression: Findings from a National Survey

Junghee Lee, Barbara J. Friesen, Janet S. Walker, Daniel Colman, William E. Donlan