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Journal of Child and Family Studies

Uitgave 8/2013

Inhoudsopgave (14 Artikelen)

Original Paper

Parents’ View of Child Care Quality: Values, Evaluations, and Satisfaction

Massimiliano Scopelliti, Tullia Musatti

Original Paper

Fathering Self-Efficacy, Marital Satisfaction and Father Involvement in Hong Kong

Sylvia Y. C. L. Kwok, Chloe C. Y. Ling, Cyrus L. K. Leung, Jessica C. M. Li

Original Paper

The Role of Romantic Involvement and Social Support in Italian Adolescent Mothers’ Live

Fiorenzo Laghi, Emma Baumgartner, Gina Riccio, Yvonne Bohr, Bramilee Dhayanandhan

Original Paper

Parental Influences on Elite Aesthetic Athletes’ Body Image Dissatisfaction and Disordered Eating

Rita Francisco, Isabel Narciso, Madalena Alarcão

Original Paper

Teaching General Safety and Body Safety Training Skills to a Latino Preschool Male with Autism

Maureen C. Kenny, Kyle D. Bennett, Jonelle Dougery, Francesca Steele

Original Paper

Maternal Guilt and Shame: The Role of Self-discrepancy and Fear of Negative Evaluation

Miriam Liss, Holly H. Schiffrin, Kathryn M. Rizzo

Original Paper

Moderators of the Relationship Between Maternal Substance Abuse Symptoms and Preschool Children’s Behavioral Outcomes

Nicola A. Conners-Burrow, Lorraine McKelvey, Joy R. Pemberton, Jason Lagory, Glenn R. Mesman, Leanne Whiteside-Mansell

Original Paper

Parenting Behaviors and Childhood Anxiety: A Psychometric Investigation of the EMBU-C

Brennan J. Young, Dustin P. Wallace, Mark Imig, Lonnie Borgerding, Amy M. Brown-Jacobsen, Stephen P. H. Whiteside