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Quality of Life Research

Quality of Life Research 1/2014

Uitgave 1/2014

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01-02-2014 | Uitgave 1/2014

Don’t middle your MIDs: regression to the mean shrinks estimates of minimally important differences

Peter M. Fayers, Ron D. Hays

01-02-2014 | Commentary | Uitgave 1/2014

Significance, truth and proof of p values: reminders about common misconceptions regarding null hypothesis significance testing

Mathilde G. E. Verdam, Frans J. Oort, Mirjam A. G. Sprangers

01-02-2014 | Uitgave 1/2014

Fluctuations in appraisal over time in the context of stable versus non-stable health

Carolyn E. Schwartz, Brian R. Quaranto, Bruce D. Rapkin, Brian C. Healy, Timothy Vollmer, Mirjam A. G. Sprangers

01-02-2014 | Review | Uitgave 1/2014 Open Access

Effectiveness of psychoeducational support on quality of life in early-stage breast cancer patients: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials

Ayako Matsuda, Kazue Yamaoka, Toshiro Tango, Tomohiro Matsuda, Hiroshi Nishimoto

01-02-2014 | Uitgave 1/2014

Does self-management counseling in patients with heart failure improve quality of life? Findings from the Heart Failure Adherence and Retention Trial (HART)

Kathleen L. Grady, Carlos F. Mendes de Leon, Andrea T. Kozak, John F. Cursio, DeJuran Richardson, Elizabeth Avery, James E. Calvin Jr., Lynda H. Powell

01-02-2014 | Uitgave 1/2014

Necessary and sufficient causes of participation post-stroke: practical and philosophical perspectives

Nancy E. Mayo, David Bronstein, Susan C. Scott, Lois E. Finch, Sydney Miller

01-02-2014 | Uitgave 1/2014

Should patients perception of health status be integrated in the prognostic assessment of heart failure patients? A prospective study

Paola Di Giulio, Network of Nurses of GISSI-HF

01-02-2014 | Uitgave 1/2014

Quality of life and emotional distress between patients on peritoneal dialysis versus community-based hemodialysis

K. Griva, A. W. Kang, Z. L. Yu, N. K. Mooppil, M Foo, Choong Meng Chan, S. P. Newman

01-02-2014 | Uitgave 1/2014

Body mass index and health-related quality of life in apparently healthy individuals

Päivi E. Korhonen, Tellervo Seppälä, Salme Järvenpää, Hannu Kautiainen

01-02-2014 | Uitgave 1/2014

Impact of diagnosis of diabetes on health-related quality of life among high risk individuals: the Diabetes Prevention Program outcomes study

D. Marrero, Q. Pan, E. Barrett-Connor, M. de Groot, P. Zhang, C. Percy, H. Florez, R. Ackermann, M. Montez, R. R. Rubin, the DPPOS Research Group

01-02-2014 | Uitgave 1/2014

A conceptual model of health-related quality of life in sarcoidosis

David E. Victorson, David Cella, Heidi Grund, Marc A. Judson

01-02-2014 | Uitgave 1/2014 Open Access

Validation of the SF-36 in patients with endometriosis

Donald E. Stull, Radek Wasiak, Noemi Kreif, Mireia Raluy, Antje Colligs, Christian Seitz, Christoph Gerlinger

01-02-2014 | Uitgave 1/2014

The association between motor vehicle injuries and health-related quality of life: a longitudinal study of a population-based sample in the United States

Suliman Alghnam, Mari Palta, Patrick L. Remington, John Mullahy, Maureen S. Durkin

01-02-2014 | Brief Communication | Uitgave 1/2014

Association of patient demographics on quality of life in a sample of adult patients with cardiac arrhythmias

Derek H. Tang, Adrienne M. Gilligan, Klaus Romero

01-02-2014 | Uitgave 1/2014

Quality of life in head and neck cancer patients after tumor therapy and subsequent rehabilitation: an exploratory study

Judit Nagy, Gábor Braunitzer, Márk Antal, Csaba Berkovits, Péter Novák, Katalin Nagy

01-02-2014 | Uitgave 1/2014

Poor self-rated health associated with an increased risk of subsequent development of lung cancer

Hilde Kristin Refvik Riise, Trond Riise, Gerd Karin Natvig, Anne Kjersti Daltveit

01-02-2014 | Uitgave 1/2014

Health-related quality of life and physical, mental, and cognitive disabilities among nursing home residents in Jordan

Fidaa Mohammad Almomani, Joan M. McDowd, Wegdan Bani-Issa, Murad Almomani

01-02-2014 | Uitgave 1/2014

Predictors of psychological well-being and stress among Jordanian menopausal women

Rania Y. Abdelrahman, Lubna A. Abushaikha, Mohammad A. al-Motlaq

01-02-2014 | Uitgave 1/2014

Health-related quality of life in fathers of children with or without developmental disability: the mediating effect of parental stress

Yu-Ping Huang, Ming-yuh Chang, Yu-Lin Chi, Fei-Chen Lai

01-02-2014 | Uitgave 1/2014

Evaluation of a patient-reported continuity of care model for older adults

Suzanne E. Bentler, Robert O. Morgan, Beth A. Virnig, Fredric D. Wolinsky

01-02-2014 | Commentary | Uitgave 1/2014 Open Access

Innovations in e-health

Paul Wicks, Jon Stamford, Martha A. Grootenhuis, Lotte Haverman, Sara Ahmed

01-02-2014 | Uitgave 1/2014

Assessing psychological well-being: self-report instruments for the NIH Toolbox

John M. Salsman, Jin-Shei Lai, Hugh C. Hendrie, Zeeshan Butt, Nicholas Zill, Paul A. Pilkonis, Christopher Peterson, Catherine M. Stoney, Pim Brouwers, David Cella

01-02-2014 | Uitgave 1/2014

Difference in method of administration did not significantly impact item response: an IRT-based analysis from the Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System (PROMIS) initiative

Jakob B. Bjorner, Matthias Rose, Barbara Gandek, Arthur A. Stone, Doerte U. Junghaenel, John E. Ware Jr.

01-02-2014 | Uitgave 1/2014

Testing the measurement equivalence of paper and interactive voice response system versions of the EORTC QLQ-C30

J. Jason Lundy, Stephen Joel Coons, Neil K. Aaronson

01-02-2014 | Uitgave 1/2014

Testing measurement invariance of the patient-reported outcomes measurement information system pain behaviors score between the US general population sample and a sample of individuals with chronic pain

Hyewon Chung, Jiseon Kim, Karon F. Cook, Robert L. Askew, Dennis A. Revicki, Dagmar Amtmann

01-02-2014 | Uitgave 1/2014

Exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis of the PROMIS pain quality item bank

Dennis A. Revicki, Karon F. Cook, Dagmar Amtmann, Neesha Harnam, Wen-Hung Chen, Francis J. Keefe

01-02-2014 | Uitgave 1/2014

Cognitive interviewing of the US National Cancer Institute’s Patient-Reported Outcomes version of the Common Terminology Criteria for Adverse Events (PRO-CTCAE)

Jennifer L. Hay, Thomas M. Atkinson, Bryce B. Reeve, Sandra A. Mitchell, Tito R. Mendoza, Gordon Willis, Lori M. Minasian, Steven B. Clauser, Andrea Denicoff, Ann O’Mara, Alice Chen, Antonia V. Bennett, Diane B. Paul, Joshua Gagne, Lauren Rogak, Laura Sit, Vish Viswanath, Deborah Schrag, Ethan Basch, the NCI PRO-CTCAE Study Group

01-02-2014 | Brief Communication | Uitgave 1/2014

The Piper Fatigue Scale-Revised: translation and psychometric evaluation in Spanish-speaking breast cancer survivors

Irene Cantarero-Villanueva, Carolina Fernández-Lao, Lourdes Díaz-Rodríguez, Antonio Ignacio Cuesta-Vargas, César Fernández-de-las-Peñas, Barbara F. Piper, Manuel Arroyo-Morales

01-02-2014 | Brief Communication | Uitgave 1/2014

Reliability, validity and responsiveness of the Italian version of the Foot Function Index in patients with foot and ankle diseases

Nicolò Martinelli, Gennaro Maria Scotto, Elena Sartorelli, Carlo Bonifacini, Alberto Bianchi, Francesco Malerba

01-02-2014 | Brief Communication | Uitgave 1/2014

Reproducibility study of Overactive Bladder Symptom Score questionnaire and its response to treatment (RESORT) in Korean population with overactive bladder symptoms

Seong Jin Jeong, Yukio Homma, Seung-June Oh

01-02-2014 | Brief Communication | Uitgave 1/2014

Psychometric analysis of the Swedish translation of the WHO well-being index

Jesper Löve, Lena Andersson, Crystal Dea Moore, Gunnel Hensing

01-02-2014 | Uitgave 1/2014 Open Access

The use of focus groups to develop a culturally relevant quality of life tool for lymphatic filariasis in Bangladesh

Lynne Zeldenryk, Marion Gray, Susan Gordon, Rick Speare, Moazzem Hossain

01-02-2014 | Brief Communication | Uitgave 1/2014

The Functional Living Index-Cancer is a reliable and valid instrument in Chinese cancer patients

Daniel Y. T. Fong, Alvina H. K. Lee, Stewart Y. Tung, Janet Y. H. Wong, Y. M. Chan, Cynthia R. Goh, Y. B. Cheung

01-02-2014 | Uitgave 1/2014

The development and validation of the Family Reported Outcome Measure (FROM-16)© to assess the impact of disease on the partner or family member

Catherine Jane Golics, Mohammad Khurshid Azam Basra, Andrew Yule Finlay, Sam Salek

01-02-2014 | Uitgave 1/2014

Few items in the thyroid-related quality of life instrument ThyPRO exhibited differential item functioning

Torquil Watt, Mogens Groenvold, Laszlo Hegedüs, Steen Joop Bonnema, Åse Krogh Rasmussen, Ulla Feldt-Rasmussen, Jakob Bue Bjorner

01-02-2014 | Uitgave 1/2014

Evaluation of the similarities and differences in response patterns to the Pediatric Quality of Life Inventory and the Child Oral Health Impact Scores among youth with cleft

Hillary L. Broder, Robert G. Norman, Lacey Sischo, Maureen Wilson-Genderson

01-02-2014 | Uitgave 1/2014

PROMIS® Parent Proxy Report Scales for children ages 5–7 years: an item response theory analysis of differential item functioning across age groups

James W. Varni, David Thissen, Brian D. Stucky, Yang Liu, Brooke Magnus, Hally Quinn, Debra E. Irwin, Esi Morgan DeWitt, Jin-Shei Lai, Dagmar Amtmann, Heather E. Gross, Darren A. DeWalt

01-02-2014 | Uitgave 1/2014

Depression and painful conditions: patterns of association with health status and health utility ratings in the general population

Scott B. Patten, Jeanne V. A. Williams, Dina H. Lavorato, Andrew G. M. Bulloch, Gillian Currie, Herb Emery

01-02-2014 | Erratum | Uitgave 1/2014

Erratum to: Understanding appraisal processes underlying the thentest: a mixed methods investigation

Carolyn E. Schwartz, Bruce D. Rapkin

01-02-2014 | Erratum | Uitgave 1/2014

Erratum to: 20th Annual Conference of the International Society for Quality of Life Research

Heather Vitale, Rebecca Brandt

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