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Cognitive Therapy and Research

Cognitive Therapy and Research 4/2018

Uitgave 4/2018

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15-05-2018 | Original Article | Uitgave 4/2018

The Processes of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: A Review of Meta-Analyses

Nikolaos Kazantzis, Hoang Kim Luong, Alexsandra S. Usatoff, Tara Impala, Rui Ying Yew, Stefan G. Hofmann

22-02-2018 | Original Article | Uitgave 4/2018

Observational Coding Training Methods for CBT Treatment Fidelity: A Systematic Review

Natalie Rodriguez-Quintana, Cara C. Lewis

29-03-2018 | Original Article | Uitgave 4/2018

Revisiting How We Assess Therapist Competence in Cognitive Therapy

Iony D. Schmidt, Daniel R. Strunk, Robert J. DeRubeis, Laren R. Conklin, Justin D. Braun

16-05-2018 | Original Article | Uitgave 4/2018

The Cognitive Therapy Scale and Cognitive Therapy Scale-Revised as Measures of Therapist Competence in Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Depression: Relations with Short and Long Term Outcome

Nikolaos Kazantzis, Xavier Clayton, Timothy. J. Cronin, Davide Farchione, Karina Limburg, Keith. S. Dobson

03-01-2018 | Original Article | Uitgave 4/2018

Major Depressive Disorder and Emotion-Related Impulsivity: Are Both Related to Cognitive Inhibition?

Maria R. Dekker, Sheri L. Johnson

16-01-2018 | Original Article | Uitgave 4/2018 Open Access

Eye-Tracking Based Attention Bias Modification (ET-ABM) Facilitates Disengagement from Negative Stimuli in Dysphoric Individuals

Martin Möbius, Gina R. A. Ferrari, Robin van den Bergh, Eni S. Becker, Mike Rinck

16-01-2018 | Original Article | Uitgave 4/2018

Visual and Verbal Depressive Cognition: Implications for the Rumination–Depression Relationship

Hannah R. Lawrence, Emily A. P. Haigh, Greg J. Siegle, Rebecca A. Schwartz-Mette

20-02-2018 | Original Article | Uitgave 4/2018

The Moderating Effects of Rumination Facets on the Relationship Between Mindfulness and Distress Reduction

Sara L. Conley, Hannah E. Faleer, Gina T. Raza, Brenda E. Bailey, Kevin D. Wu

26-02-2018 | Original Article | Uitgave 4/2018

The Brief State Rumination Inventory (BSRI): Validation and Psychometric Evaluation

Igor Marchetti, Nilly Mor, Carlo Chiorri, Ernst H. W. Koster

31-03-2018 | Original Article | Uitgave 4/2018

Stress Accounts for the Association Between ADHD Symptoms and Suicide Ideation When Stress-Reactive Rumination Is High

Carlos E. Yeguez, Ryan M. Hill, Victor Buitron, Jeremy W. Pettit

21-02-2018 | Original Article | Uitgave 4/2018

Youth Cognitive-Behavioral Depression Prevention: Testing Theory in a Randomized Controlled Trial

Steven M. Brunwasser, Derek R. Freres, Jane E. Gillham

29-01-2018 | Original Article | Uitgave 4/2018

Posttraumatic Stress and Suicidality Among Firefighters: The Moderating Role of Distress Tolerance

Brooke A. Bartlett, Charles Jardin, Colleen Martin, Jana K. Tran, Sam Buser, Michael D. Anestis, Anka A. Vujanovic

02-03-2018 | Original Article | Uitgave 4/2018

Facets of Emotion Regulation and Posttraumatic Stress: An Indirect Effect via Peritraumatic Dissociation

Alyssa C. Jones, Christal L. Badour, C. Alex Brake, Caitlyn O. Hood, Matthew T. Feldner

19-01-2018 | Original Article | Uitgave 4/2018

Interactive Effects of Traumatic Brain Injury and Anxiety Sensitivity on PTSD Symptoms: A Replication and Extension in Two Clinical Samples

Brian J. Albanese, Richard J. Macatee, Joseph W. Boffa, Craig J. Bryan, Michael J. Zvolensky, Norman B. Schmidt

22-02-2018 | Original Article | Uitgave 4/2018

Positive Emotions and Social Anxiety: The Unique Role of Pride

Lior Cohen, Jonathan D. Huppert

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