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Cognitive Therapy and Research

Uitgave 3/2018

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Original Article

Unwanted Events and Side Effects in Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Marie-Luise Schermuly-Haupt, Michael Linden, A. John Rush

Brief Report

Remoteness and Valence of Autobiographical Memory in Depression

Dahyeon Kim, K. Lira Yoon, Jutta Joormann

Original Article

Examining the Role of Repetitive Negative Thinking in Relations Between Positive and Negative Aspects of Self-compassion and Symptom Improvement During Intensive Treatment

Lauren P. Wadsworth, Marie Forgeard, Kean J. Hsu, Sarah Kertz, Michael Treadway, Thröstur Björgvinsson

Original Article

Modelling the Relationship Between Changes in Social Anxiety and Rumination Before and After Treatment

Matthew Modini, Ronald M. Rapee, Daniel S. J. Costa, Maree J. Abbott

Original Article

Maladaptive Self-Beliefs During Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Social Anxiety Disorder: A Test of Temporal Precedence

Bree Gregory, Quincy J. J. Wong, Craig D. Marker, Lorna Peters

Original Article

Attentional Bias in Children with Social Anxiety Disorder

Steffen Schmidtendorf, Susanne Wiedau, Julia Asbrand, Brunna Tuschen-Caffier, Nina Heinrichs

Original Article

Understanding Drinking Game Behaviors: A Consideration of Alcohol Expectancies and Motives to Play and Drink

Byron L. Zamboanga, Minyu Zhang, Janine V. Olthuis, Su Yeong Kim

Original Article

Group Cognitive Rehabilitation and Exposure/Sorting Therapy: A Pilot Program

Catherine R. Ayers, Mary E. Dozier, Charles T. Taylor, Tina L. Mayes, James O. E. Pittman, Elizabeth W. Twamley

Original Article

Implicit Identification with Illness in Patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Julia F. Henrich, Bergljot Gjelsvik, Maryanne Martin

Original Article

Homework Completion via Telephone and In-Person Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Among Latinos

Adrian Aguilera, Zorangeli Ramos, Diana Sistiva, Ye Wang, Margarita Alegria

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