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Journal of Child and Family Studies

Journal of Child and Family Studies 5/2021

Uitgave 5/2021

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05-03-2021 | Review | Uitgave 5/2021

The Family Stress Model in the Context of Pediatric Cancer: A Systematic Review

Christine Neugebauer, Ann M. Mastergeorge

13-03-2021 | Original Paper | Uitgave 5/2021

Examining the Effectiveness of Circle of Security Parenting (COS-P): A Multi-Site Non-Randomized Study with Waitlist Control

Anne-Marie Maxwell, Catherine McMahon, Anna Huber, Rebecca E. Reay, Erinn Hawkins, Bryanne Barnett

31-03-2021 | Original Paper | Uitgave 5/2021

Impact of Youth Transdiagnostic Treatment on Parents’ Own Emotional Responding and Socialization Behaviors

Niza A. Tonarely, Sarah Kennedy, Elizabeth Halliday, Jamie A. Sherman, Jill Ehrenreich-May

20-03-2021 | Original Paper | Uitgave 5/2021

Parenting Children with ADHD: Associations with Parental Depression, Parental ADHD, and Child Behavior Problems

Sophie Smit, Amori Y. Mikami, Sébastien Normand

20-03-2021 | Original Paper | Uitgave 5/2021

Autonomy-Supportive Parenting in Immigrant and Non-Immigrant Youth During Early Adolescence

Rebecca Distefano, Ann S. Masten, Frosso Motti-Stefanidi

19-03-2021 | Original Paper | Uitgave 5/2021

Parenting and adolescent adjustment: The mediational role of family self-esteem

Isabel Martínez, Sergio Murgui, Oscar F. Garcia, Fernando Garcia

20-03-2021 | Original Paper | Uitgave 5/2021

Frequency and Correlates of Picky Eating And Overeating in School-aged Children: A Portuguese Population-based Study

Bárbara Cesar Machado, Pedro Dias, Vânia Sousa Lima, Alexandra Carneiro, Sónia Gonçalves

12-03-2021 | Original Paper | Uitgave 5/2021 Open Access

Parent Relationship Satisfaction and Reflective Functioning as Predictors of Emotional Availability and Infant Behavior

Saara J. Salo, Marjukka Pajulo, Lazlo Vinzce, Simo Raittila, Johanna Sourander, Mirjam Kalland

13-03-2021 | Original Paper | Uitgave 5/2021

The Differential Effects of Parental Style on Parental Legitimacy and Domain Specific Adolescent Rule-Violating Behaviors

Lindsey M. Cole, Nadine T. Maliakkal, Stacy A. Jeleniewski, Ellen S. Cohn, Cesar J. Rebellon, Karen T. Van Gundy

10-03-2021 | Original Paper | Uitgave 5/2021

Gender as a Moderator of the Relationship Between Parental Anxiety and Adolescent Anxiety and Depression

Rachel M. Ranney, Evelyn Behar, Katherine M. Zinsser

12-03-2021 | Original Paper | Uitgave 5/2021

Parenting Self-Efficacy Mediates the Association between Chinese Parents’ Depression Symptoms and their Young Children’s Social and Emotional Competence

Zhenqiao Yang, Natalie A. Williams

27-03-2021 | Original Paper | Uitgave 5/2021

Quality and Quantity: A Study of Father–Toddler Rough-and-Tumble Play

Jennifer M. StGeorge, Linda E. Campbell, Taylor Hadlow, Emily E. Freeman

27-02-2021 | S.I. : Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning | Uitgave 5/2021

Using a Machine Learning Methodology to Analyze Reddit Posts regarding Child Feeding Information

Curtis Donelson, Carolyn Sutter, Giang V. Pham, Kanika Narang, Chen Wang, Joseph T. Yun

18-03-2021 | Original Paper | Uitgave 5/2021

Child Maltreatment in Western China: Ethnic Disparities, Poverty-related Adversity and Policy Deficiency

Guowei Wan, Zeqing Ye, Tinghao Pei

27-03-2021 | Original Paper | Uitgave 5/2021

Engaging Parents in Zimbabwe to Prevent and Respond to Child Sexual Abuse: A Pilot Evaluation

Sarah Shaw, Haddi Jatou Cham, Eboni Galloway, Kate Winskell, Zivai Mupambireyi, Constance Kasese, Zwashe Bangani, Kim Miller

17-03-2021 | Original Paper | Uitgave 5/2021

Intergenerational Transmission of Perceived Parental Acceptance–Rejection and Psychological Adjustment: Grandmothers, Mothers, and Adult-Granddaughters

Turgut Turkdogan

22-03-2021 | Original Paper | Uitgave 5/2021

Developmental Screening and Monitoring are Associated with Increased Preschool Special Education Receipt

Brian D. Barger, Catherine E. Rice, Andrew T. Roach

25-02-2021 | Original Paper | Uitgave 5/2021 Open Access

How do Saudi Children and Their Mothers Evaluate Religion-Based Exclusion?

Munirah Alsimah, Harriet R. Tenenbaum, Patrice Rusconi

12-02-2021 | Original Paper | Uitgave 5/2021 Open Access

What Does it Mean to be a Targeted Parent? Parents’ Experiences in the Context of Parental Alienation

Ana Tavares, Carla Crespo, Maria Teresa Ribeiro

29-01-2021 | Original Paper | Uitgave 5/2021

French People’s Positions Regarding Same-Sex Couples’ and Singles’ Rights to Assisted Reproductive Technology and Adoption

Maria Teresa Muñoz Sastre, Paul Clay Sorum, Etienne Mullet

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