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Journal of Child and Family Studies

Uitgave 1/2009

Inhoudsopgave (13 Artikelen)

Original Paper

Fathers’ and Mothers’ Involvement with Their Adolescents

Vicky Phares, Sherecce Fields, Dimitra Kamboukos

Original Paper

Psychosocial Well-being of Children in HIV/AIDS-Affected Families in Southwest China: A Qualitative Study

Tao Xu, Zhihua Yan, Song Duan, Changhe Wang, Keming Rou, Zunyou Wu

Original Paper

Youth Departing from Residential Care: A Gender Comparison

Annette K. Griffith, Alexandra L. Trout, M. Beth Chmelka, Elizabeth M. Z. Farmer, Michael H. Epstein, Robert Reid, Jonathan C. Huefner, Debbie Orduna

Original Paper

Maternal and Paternal Depressive Symptoms as Predictors of Toddler Adjustment

Nancy S. Weinfield, Lisa Ingerski, Stacey Coffey Moreau

Original Paper

Parenting and Preschool Child Development: Examination of Three Low-Income U.S. Cultural Groups

Leanne Whiteside-Mansell, Robert H. Bradley, Lorraine McKelvey

Original Paper

Predictors of Parenting Stress for Abusive and Nonabusive Mothers

Andrea V. McPherson, Kristen M. Lewis, Amy E. Lynn, Mary E. Haskett, Tara S. Behrend

Original Paper

Family Functioning and Coping Behaviors in Parents of Children with Autism

Matthew J. Altiere, Silvia von Kluge

Original Paper

Parents Living with HIV in China: Family Functioning and Quality of Life

Li Li, Chunqing Lin, Guoping Ji, Stephanie Sun, Mary Jane Rotheram-Borus

Original Paper

Validity of the Short Form of the Parenting Stress Index for Fathers of Toddlers

Lorraine M. McKelvey, Leanne Whiteside-Mansell, Richard A. Faldowski, Jeffrey Shears, Catherine Ayoub, Andrea D. Hart