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Quality of Life Research

Uitgave 1/2008

Inhoudsopgave (17 Artikelen)

Changes in health-related quality of life in patients of self-care vs. in-center dialysis during the first year

Carole Loos-Ayav, Luc Frimat, Michèle Kessler, Jacques Chanliau, Pierre-Yves Durand, Serge Briançon

Quality of life and its correlates in octogenarians. Use of the SEIQoL-DW in Wave 5 of the Aberdeen Birth Cohort 1921 Study (ABC1921)

David Gwyn Seymour, John M. Starr, Helen C. Fox, Helen A. Lemmon, Ian J. Deary, Gordon J. Prescott, Lawrence J. Whalley

Coping, meaning in life, and quality of life in congestive heart failure patients

Crystal L. Park, Marc R. Malone, D. P. Suresh, D. Bliss, Rivkah I. Rosen

Visual impairment and quality of life: gender differences in the elderly in Cuenca, Spain

J. J. Navarro Esteban, M. Solera Martínez, P. García Navalón, O. Piñar Serrano, J. R. Cerrillo Patiño, M. E. Calle Purón, V. Martínez-Vizcaíno

Handling missing quality of life data in HIV clinical trials: what is practical?

Diane L. Fairclough, Herbert Thijs, I-Chan Huang, Henrik W. Finnern, Albert W. Wu

Health-related quality of life of day-case surgery patients: a pre/posttest survey using the EuroQoL-5D

Riitta Suhonen, Heli Virtanen, Katja Heikkinen, Kirsi Johansson, Anne Kaljonen, Tiina Leppänen, Sanna Salanterä, Helena Leino-Kilpi