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Quality of Life Research

Quality of Life Research 4/2021

Uitgave 4/2021

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02-01-2021 | Review | Uitgave 4/2021

The effect of hallux valgus open and percutaneous surgery on AOFAS scale: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Luis Enrique Hernández-Castillejo, Celia Álvarez-Bueno, Miriam Garrido-Miguel, Ana Torres-Costoso, Sara Reina-Gutiérrez, Vicente Martínez-Vizcaíno

06-11-2020 | Review | Uitgave 4/2021

A systematic review of self-care measures for adolescents with health needs

Xu Jiang, Kelsey Walker, Allyson K. Topps

06-11-2020 | Review | Uitgave 4/2021

Assessing the engagement of children and families in selecting patient-reported outcomes (PROs) and developing their measures: a systematic review

Malcolm McNeill, Samantha Noyek, Eshetu Engeda, Nora Fayed

17-11-2020 | Uitgave 4/2021

Using nationally representative percentiles to interpret PROMIS pediatric measures

Adam C. Carle, Katherine B. Bevans, Carole A. Tucker, Christopher B. Forrest

28-11-2020 | Uitgave 4/2021

Health care access and health-related quality of life among people with diabetes in the Southern Cone of Latin America—a cross-sectional analysis of data of the CESCAS I study

Nadja Kartschmit, Andrea Beratarrechea, Laura Gutiérrez, Ana Soledad Cavallo, Adolfo Luis Rubinstein, Vilma Irazola

20-11-2020 | Uitgave 4/2021

The impact of overactive bladder on health-related quality of life in Korea: based on the results of a Korean Community Health Survey

Sang-Kyu Kim, Seon-Ha Kim

09-10-2020 | Uitgave 4/2021

Post-migration well-being of Sub-Saharan Africans in China: a nationwide cross-sectional survey

Xia Zou, Brian J. Hall, Mingzhou Xiong, Cheng Wang

03-01-2021 | Uitgave 4/2021

Health-related quality of life and all-cause mortality among older healthy individuals in Australia and the United States: a prospective cohort study

Aung Zaw Zaw Phyo, Joanne Ryan, David A. Gonzalez-Chica, Robyn L. Woods, Christopher M. Reid, Mark R. Nelson, Anne M. Murray, Danijela Gasevic, Nigel P. Stocks, Rosanne Freak-Poli, the ASPREE Investigator Group

02-01-2021 | Uitgave 4/2021

Discrepancies between proxy estimates and patient reported, health related, quality of life: minding the gap between patient and clinician perceptions in heart failure

Roslyn A. Prichard, Fei-Li Zhao, Julee Mcdonagh, Stephen Goodall, Patricia M. Davidson, Phillip J. Newton, Ben Farr-Wharton, Christopher S. Hayward

05-11-2020 | Uitgave 4/2021

Symptom clusters and quality of life in persons with multiple sclerosis across the lifespan

Stephanie L. Silveira, Katie L. J. Cederberg, Brenda Jeng, E. Morghen Sikes, Brian M. Sandroff, Catherine D. Jones, Robert W. Motl

10-11-2020 | Uitgave 4/2021

Patient-reported experience with patient-reported outcome measures in adult patients seen in rheumatology clinics

Brittany R. Lapin, Ryan Honomichl, Nicolas Thompson, Susannah Rose, Abby Abelson, Chad Deal, Irene L. Katzan

11-11-2020 | Uitgave 4/2021

The elderly living in single-person households in South Korea: a latent profile analysis of self-esteem, life satisfaction, and depression

Jeong Hoon Park M.A., Sung Min B.A., Yookyung Eoh Ph.D., Soo Hyun Park Ph.D.

16-11-2020 | Uitgave 4/2021

Health-related quality of life in adolescents: individual and combined impact of health-related behaviors (DADOS study)

Alba Solera-Sanchez, Mireia Adelantado-Renau, Diego Moliner-Urdiales, Maria Reyes Beltran-Valls

20-11-2020 | Uitgave 4/2021

How do the influencing factors of health-related quality of life of the injured patient differ according to activity limitations?

Eunmi Lee, Yujeong Kim

14-01-2021 | Uitgave 4/2021

Examination of individual and multiple comorbid conditions and health-related quality of life in older cancer survivors

Elizabeth J. Siembida, Ashley Wilder Smith, Arnold L. Potosky, Kristi D. Graves, Roxanne E. Jensen

02-11-2020 | Uitgave 4/2021

Rural–urban differences in health-related quality of life: patterns for cancer survivors compared to other older adults

Jennifer L. Moss, Casey N. Pinto, Scherezade K. Mama, Maria Rincon, Erin E. Kent, Mandi Yu, Kathleen A. Cronin

08-12-2020 | Uitgave 4/2021 Open Access

Health-related quality of life and overall survival: a prospective study in patients with head and neck cancer treated with radiotherapy

A. J. van Nieuwenhuizen, L. M. Buffart, J. A. Langendijk, M. R. Vergeer, J. Voortman, C. R. Leemans, I. M. Verdonck-de Leeuw

19-11-2020 | Uitgave 4/2021

Improving quality of life assessments for high-need adult Medicaid service users with mental health conditions

Adrienne Nevola, Michael E. Morris, Holly C. Felix, Teresa Hudson, Nalin Payakachat, J. Mick Tilford

02-01-2021 | Uitgave 4/2021

Post-stroke fatigue level is significantly associated with mental health component of health-related quality of life: a cross-sectional study

Khader A. Almhdawi, Hanan B. Jaber, Hanan W. Khalil, Saddam F. Kanaan, Awni A. Shyyab, Zaid M. Mansour, Alza H. Alazrai

29-11-2020 | Uitgave 4/2021

Quality of life and associated factors among patients with tuberculosis at the University of Gondar comprehensive specialized hospital, Ethiopia

Alemayehu Dires, Tsega Hagos, Mezgebu Yitayal, Getasew Amare, Andualem Yalew Aschalew

11-01-2021 | Uitgave 4/2021

The association of deficiencies of water-soluble vitamin intake with health-related quality of life and prognosis in patients with heart failure

Kyoung Suk Lee, Debra K. Moser, Jae-Hyeong Park, Terry A. Lennie

02-01-2021 | Uitgave 4/2021

Validation of the Impact Index: can we measure disease effects on quality of life in patients with hip and knee osteoarthritis?

K. D. Valentine, S. Brodney, Ha Vo, Karen Sepucha, Floyd J. Fowler, Michael J. Barry

23-11-2020 | Uitgave 4/2021

Comparison of psychometric properties of GOHAI, OHIP-14, and OHIP-EDENT as measures of oral health in complete edentulous patients aged 60 years and more

Nada El Osta, Elissa Haddad, Jihad Fakhouri, Robert Saad, Lana El Osta

22-01-2021 | Uitgave 4/2021

Translation and cross-cultural adaptation of Nepali versions of the Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System (PROMIS®) Pain Intensity, Pain Interference, Pain Behavior, Depression, and Sleep Disturbance short forms in chronic musculoskeletal pain

Saurab Sharma, Helena Correia, Anupa Pathak, Caroline B. Terwee, J. Haxby Abbott, Riju Maharjan, Sweekriti Sharma, Jeevan Sharma, Soniya Maharjan, Darren Reed, Mark P. Jensen

03-01-2021 | Uitgave 4/2021

Cross-cultural adaptation into French and validation of the SCAR-Q questionnaire

Thomas Radulesco, Julien Mancini, Martin Penicaud, Jean-Jacques Grob, Marie-Aleth Richard, Patrick Dessi, Nausicaa Malissen, Justin Michel

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