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Quality of Life Research

Quality of Life Research 5/2018

Uitgave 5/2018

Inhoudsopgave ( 26 Artikelen )

16-12-2017 | Review | Uitgave 5/2018

Quality of life among parents of preterm infants: a scoping review

Mariana Amorim, Susana Silva, Michelle Kelly-Irving, Elisabete Alves

05-12-2017 | Review | Uitgave 5/2018

Scoping review of response shift methods: current reporting practices and recommendations

Tolulope T. Sajobi, Ronak Brahmbatt, Lisa M. Lix, Bruno D. Zumbo, Richard Sawatzky

12-02-2018 | Uitgave 5/2018 Open Access

COSMIN guideline for systematic reviews of patient-reported outcome measures

C. A. C. Prinsen, L. B. Mokkink, L. M. Bouter, J. Alonso, D. L. Patrick, H. C. W. de Vet, C. B. Terwee

17-03-2018 | Uitgave 5/2018 Open Access

COSMIN methodology for evaluating the content validity of patient-reported outcome measures: a Delphi study

C. B. Terwee, C. A. C. Prinsen, A. Chiarotto, M. J. Westerman, D. L. Patrick, J. Alonso, L. M. Bouter, H. C. W. de Vet, L. B. Mokkink

19-12-2017 | Uitgave 5/2018 Open Access

COSMIN Risk of Bias checklist for systematic reviews of Patient-Reported Outcome Measures

L. B. Mokkink, H. C. W. de Vet, C. A. C. Prinsen, D. L. Patrick, J. Alonso, L. M. Bouter, C. B. Terwee

14-12-2017 | Uitgave 5/2018 Open Access

Quality of life in a broader perspective: Does ASCOT reflect the capability approach?

M. S. van Loon, K. M. van Leeuwen, R. W. J. G. Ostelo, J. E. Bosmans, G. A. M. Widdershoven

21-02-2018 | Uitgave 5/2018 Open Access

Assessing the equivalence of Web-based and paper-and-pencil questionnaires using differential item and test functioning (DIF and DTF) analysis: a case of the Four-Dimensional Symptom Questionnaire (4DSQ)

Berend Terluin, Evelien P. M. Brouwers, Miquelle A. G. Marchand, Henrica C. W. de Vet

14-08-2017 | Uitgave 5/2018 Open Access

Norwegian reference values for the Short-Form Health Survey 36: development over time

Ellisiv L. Jacobsen, Asta Bye, Nina Aass, Sophie D. Fosså, Kjersti S. Grotmol, Stein Kaasa, Jon Håvard Loge, Torbjørn Moum, Marianne J. Hjermstad

21-11-2017 | Correction | Uitgave 5/2018 Open Access

Correction to: Norwegian reference values for the Short-Form Health Survey 36: development over time

Ellisiv L. Jacobsen, Asta Bye, Nina Aass, Sophie D. Fosså, Kjersti S. Grotmol, Stein Kaasa, Jon Håvard Loge, Torbjørn Moum, Marianne J. Hjermstad

29-11-2017 | Uitgave 5/2018

The association of alcohol use and quality of life in depressed and non-depressed individuals: a cross-sectional general population study

Jonna Levola, Tuuli Pitkänen, Olli Kampman, Mauri Aalto

04-01-2018 | Uitgave 5/2018

Lifestyle-related attitudes: do they explain self-rated health and life-satisfaction?

A. Simon Pickard, Yash J. Jalundhwala, Helen Bewsher, Lisa K. Sharp, Surrey M. Walton, Glen T. Schumock, Rachel N. Caskey

07-02-2018 | Uitgave 5/2018

The association between post-diagnosis health behaviors and long-term quality of life in survivors of ductal carcinoma in situ: a population-based longitudinal cohort study

Vicki Hart, Amy Trentham-Dietz, Amy Berkman, Mayo Fujii, Christopher Veal, John Hampton, Ronald E. Gangnon, Polly A. Newcomb, Susan C. Gilchrist, Brian L. Sprague

15-01-2018 | Uitgave 5/2018

The relation between personality, informal caregiving, life satisfaction and health-related quality of life: evidence of a longitudinal study

André Hajek, Hans-Helmut König

10-01-2018 | Uitgave 5/2018 Open Access

Effect of health literacy on the quality of life of older patients with long-term conditions: a large cohort study in UK general practice

Maria Panagioti, Suzanne M. Skevington, Mark Hann, Kelly Howells, Amy Blakemore, David Reeves, Peter Bower

07-02-2018 | Uitgave 5/2018

Association of midlife value priorities with health-related quality of life, frailty and mortality among older men: a 26-year follow-up of the Helsinki Businessmen Study (HBS)

Annele Urtamo, Hannu Kautiainen, Kaisu H. Pitkälä, Timo E. Strandberg

26-07-2017 | Brief Communication | Uitgave 5/2018 Open Access

Social capital dynamics and health in mid to later life: findings from Australia

Vasoontara Yiengprugsawan, Jennifer Welsh, Hal Kendig

05-01-2018 | Uitgave 5/2018 Open Access

An empirical comparison of the measurement properties of the EQ-5D-5L, DEMQOL-U and DEMQOL-Proxy-U for older people in residential care

Tiffany Easton, Rachel Milte, Maria Crotty, Julie Ratcliffe

12-02-2018 | Uitgave 5/2018 Open Access

Measuring health related quality of life (HRQoL) in community and facility-based care settings with the interRAI assessment instruments: development of a crosswalk to HUI3

John P. Hirdes, Julie Bernier, Rochelle Garner, Philippe Finès, Micaela Jantzi

08-02-2018 | Uitgave 5/2018

Comparing the validity and responsiveness of the EQ-5D-5L to the Oxford hip and knee scores and SF-12 in osteoarthritis patients 1 year following total joint replacement

Barbara L. Conner-Spady, Deborah A. Marshall, Eric Bohm, Michael J. Dunbar, Tom W. Noseworthy

28-02-2018 | Uitgave 5/2018

Health state utilities and subjective well-being among psoriasis vulgaris patients in mainland China

Liu Liu, Shunping Li, Yue Zhao, Jianglin Zhang, Gang Chen

01-02-2018 | Uitgave 5/2018 Open Access

The impact of extended half-life versus conventional factor product on hemophilia caregiver burden

Carolyn E. Schwartz, Victoria E. Powell, Jun Su, Jie Zhang, Adi Eldar-Lissai

27-01-2018 | Uitgave 5/2018 Open Access

Disparities in women’s cancer-related quality of life by Southern Appalachian residence

Ann L. Coker, Huong T. Luu, Heather M. Bush

08-02-2018 | Uitgave 5/2018

PROMIS depression measures perform similarly to legacy measures relative to a structured diagnostic interview for depression in cancer patients

Kerrie Clover, Sylvie D. Lambert, Christopher Oldmeadow, Benjamin Britton, Madeleine T. King, Alex J. Mitchell, Gregory Carter

29-01-2018 | Uitgave 5/2018

Do patients have a say? A narrative review of the development of patient-reported outcome measures used in elective procedures for coronary revascularisation

Geeske Peeters, Anna L. Barker, Jason Talevski, Ilana Ackerman, Darshini R. Ayton, Christopher Reid, Sue M. Evans, Johannes U. Stoelwinder, John J. McNeil

05-02-2018 | Uitgave 5/2018

Conflict and well-being: a comparative study of health-related quality of life, stress, and insecurity of university students in the West Bank and Jordan

Yara M. Asi, Lynn Unruh, Xinliang Liu

15-02-2018 | Uitgave 5/2018

Health-related quality of life among US military personnel injured in combat: findings from the Wounded Warrior Recovery Project

Susan I. Woodruff, Michael R. Galarneau, Cameron T. McCabe, Daniel I. Sack, Mary C. Clouser

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