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Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment

Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment 2/2010

Uitgave 2/2010

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01-06-2010 | Uitgave 2/2010 Open Access

Differential Item Functioning on Antisocial Behavior Scale Items for Adolescents and Young Adults from Single-Parent and Two-Parent Families

Young I. Cho, Monica J. Martin, Rand D. Conger, Keith F. Widaman

01-06-2010 | Uitgave 2/2010

The Hannibal Lecter Myth: Psychopathy and Verbal Intelligence in the MacArthur Violence Risk Assessment Study

Matt DeLisi, Michael G. Vaughn, Kevin M. Beaver, John Paul Wright

01-06-2010 | Uitgave 2/2010

States-of-Mind in Psychopathology and Psychological Well-Being

Shyh Shin Wong

01-06-2010 | Uitgave 2/2010 Open Access

Cognitive-Behavior Therapy (CBT) for Panic Disorder: Relationship of Anxiety and Depression Comorbidity with Treatment Outcome

Laura B. Allen, Kamila S. White, David H. Barlow, M. Katherine Shear, Jack M. Gorman, Scott W. Woods

01-06-2010 | Uitgave 2/2010

Social Cognition and Interpersonal Impairment in Young Adolescents with ADHD

Margaret H. Sibley, Steven W. Evans, Zewelanji N. Serpell

01-06-2010 | Uitgave 2/2010

Multidimensional Self-Perception of Sexually Abused Girls: Factor Models and Differences Between Sexual Abuse and Comparison Groups

Juye Ji, Penelope K. Trickett, Sonya Negriff

01-06-2010 | Uitgave 2/2010

A Validation Study of the Resilience Scale for Adolescents (READ)

Tilmann von Soest, Svein Mossige, Kari Stefansen, Odin Hjemdal

01-06-2010 | Uitgave 2/2010

Yale-Brown Obsessive Compulsive Scale: Psychometric Properties of the Self-Report Version in a Student Sample

Ragnar P. Ólafsson, Ívar Snorrason, Jakob Smári

01-06-2010 | Uitgave 2/2010

Validity of the Self-Harm Behavior Questionnaire with Diverse Adolescents

Jennifer J. Muehlenkamp, Margaret L. Cowles, Peter M. Gutierrez

01-06-2010 | Uitgave 2/2010

Comparison of Eleven Short Versions of the Symptom Checklist 90-Revised (SCL-90-R) for Use in the Assessment of General Psychopathology

Jörg M. Müller, Christian Postert, Thomas Beyer, Tilman Furniss, Sandra Achtergarde

01-06-2010 | Uitgave 2/2010

The Affective Style Questionnaire: Development and Psychometric Properties

Stefan G. Hofmann, Todd B. Kashdan

01-06-2010 | Uitgave 2/2010 Open Access

Blushing-Fearful Individuals’ Judgmental Biases and Conditional Cognitions: An Internet Inquiry

Corine Dijk, Peter J. de Jong, Elke Müller, Wietse Boersma

01-06-2010 | Uitgave 2/2010

Development and Preliminary Evaluation of the Bedtime Routines Questionnaire

Jill A. Henderson, Sara Sytsma Jordan

01-06-2010 | Uitgave 2/2010

The Phenomenology of Hairpulling in College Students

Danny C. Duke, Mary L. Keeley, Emily J. Ricketts, Gary R. Geffken, Eric A. Storch

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