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Journal of Behavioral Medicine

Uitgave 3/2023

Inhoudsopgave (16 Artikelen)

Developing skin cancer education materials for darker skin populations: crowdsourced design, message targeting, and acral lentiginous melanoma

Sean J. Upshaw, Jakob D. Jensen, Elizabeth A. Giorgi, Manusheela Pokharel, Helen M. Lillie, Dallin R. Adams, Kevin K. John, Yelena P. Wu, Douglas Grossman

Buffering effects of protective factors on light and moderate-to-vigorous physical activity among african american women

Asia Brown, Dawn K. Wilson, Allison M. Sweeney, M. Lee van Horn, Nicole Zarrett, Russell R. Pate

The role of childhood unpredictability in adult health

Jon K. Maner, Connor R. Hasty, Jose L. Martinez, Katherine B. Ehrlich, Mary A. Gerend

Open Access

How do previously inactive individuals restructure their time to ‘fit in’ morning or evening exercise: a randomized controlled trial

Paige G. Brooker, Sjaan R. Gomersall, Neil A. King, Nicholas F. McMahon, Michael D. Leveritt

Sleep and fatigue among youth with sickle cell disease: A daily diary study

Julia D. Johnston, Laura C. Reinman, Sarah E. Bills, Jeffrey C. Schatz

Adolescent girls’ cardiovascular responses to peer rejection: exploring the impact of early life stress

Sharon Y. Lee, Chrystal Vergara-Lopez, Margaret H. Bublitz, Allison E. Gaffey, Christina D’Angelo, Laura R. Stroud

Associations between social COVID-19 exposure and psychological functioning

Malwina Lewicka, Jada G. Hamilton, Erika A. Waters, Heather Orom, Elizabeth Schofield, Marc T. Kiviniemi, Peter A. Kanetsky, Jennifer L. Hay

Examining the role of experiential avoidance and valued action in the negative effects of weight self-stigma

Marissa L. Donahue, Michael E. Levin, KayLoni Olson, Emily Panza, Jason Lillis

Associations between COVID-19 vaccine uptake, race/ethnicity, and political party affiliation

Jennifer A. Andersen, Erin Gloster, Spencer Hall, Brett Rowland, Don E. Willis, Shashank S. Kraleti, Pearl A. McElfish