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Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders

Uitgave 6/2003

Inhoudsopgave (15 Artikelen)

Editorial Introduction

Editorial Preface

The Symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorders in Adolescence and Adulthood

Marsha Mailick Seltzer, Marty Wyngaarden Krauss, Paul T. Shattuck, Gael Orsmond, April Swe, Catherine Lord

Language and Other Regression: Assessment and Timing

Wendy A. Goldberg, Kathy Osann, Pauline A. Filipek, Tracy Laulhere, Kelly Jarvis, Charlotte Modahl, Pamela Flodman, M. Anne Spence

Postural Stability in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Cynthia A. Molloy, Kim N. Dietrich, Amit Bhattacharya

Examining the Effectiveness of an Outpatient Clinic–Based Social Skills Group for High-Functioning Children with Autism

Tammy D. Barry, Laura Grofer Klinger, Joycelyn M. Lee, Nicole Palardy, Tiffany Gilmore, S. Douglas Bodin

The CBCL and the Identification of Children with Autism and Related Conditions in Brazil: Pilot Findings

Cristiane S. Duarte, Isabel A. S. Bordin, Albeni de Oliveira, Hector Bird