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Cognitive Therapy and Research

Cognitive Therapy and Research 3/2000

Uitgave 3/2000

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01-06-2000 | Uitgave 3/2000

Group and Individual Cognitive-Behavioral Treatments for Youth with Anxiety Disorders: A Randomized Clinical Trial

Ellen C. Flannery-Schroeder, Philip C. Kendall

01-06-2000 | Uitgave 3/2000

Dissociative Style and Directed Forgetting

Bernet M. Elzinga, Edwin de Beurs, Joseph A. Sergeant, Richard Van Dyck, R. Hans Phaf

01-06-2000 | Uitgave 3/2000

The Assessment of Dispositional Vigilance and Cognitive Avoidance: Factorial Structure, Psychometric Properties, and Validity of the Mainz Coping Inventory

Heinz Walter Krohne, Boris Egloff, Larry J. Varner, Lawrence R. Burns, Gerdi Weidner, Henry C. Ellis

01-06-2000 | Uitgave 3/2000

A Closer Look at the Treatment Rationale and Homework Compliance in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Depression

Michael E. Addis, Neil S. Jacobson

01-06-2000 | Uitgave 3/2000

Differentiating Anxious and Depressive Self-Statements: Combined Factor Structure of the Anxious Self-Statements Questionnaire and the Automatic Thoughts Questionnaire-Revised

Steven A. Safren, Richard G. Heimberg, Julie Lerner, Aude Henin, Melissa Warman, Philip C. Kendall

01-06-2000 | Uitgave 3/2000

An Idiographic Approach to Understanding Personality Structure and Individual Differences Among Smokers

William G. Shadel, Raymond Niaura, David B. Abrams

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