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Cognitive Therapy and Research

Cognitive Therapy and Research 4/2000

Uitgave 4/2000

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01-08-2000 | Uitgave 4/2000

The Hopelessness Theory of Depression: A Test of the Diathesis-Stress Component in the Interpersonal and Achievement Domains

John R. Z. Abela, Martin E. P. Seligman

01-08-2000 | Uitgave 4/2000

Enhancing and Disrupting Cooperative Behavior in Couples: Effects of Dependency and Self-Criticism Following Favorable and Unfavorable Performance Feedback

Darcy A. Santor, Jennifer D. Pringle, Anne Lea Israeli

01-08-2000 | Uitgave 4/2000

Think-Aloud, Thought-Listing, and Video-Mediated Recall Procedures in the Assessment of Children's Self-Talk

Jackie Lodge, Gail Tripp, Diana Kim Harte

01-08-2000 | Uitgave 4/2000

Autobiographical Memory in Postnatal Depression

Susie Croll, Richard A. Bryant

01-08-2000 | Uitgave 4/2000

Cognitive Vulnerability for Depression: Deployment of Attention as a Function of History of Depression and Current Mood State

Scott B. McCabe, Ian H. Gotlib, Rod A. Martin

01-08-2000 | Uitgave 4/2000

Cognitive Assumptions and Long-Term Distress in Survivors of Childhood Abuse, Parental Alcoholism, and Dysfunctional Family Environments

Stephanie Lewis Harter, Robert J. Vanecek

01-08-2000 | Uitgave 4/2000

Self-Focused Attention and Social Anxiety in Social Phobics and Normal Controls

Sheila R. Woody, Benjamin F. Rodriguez

01-08-2000 | Uitgave 4/2000

Manuscript Submissions: Notice of Change in Manuscript Processing

Rick E. Ingram

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