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Cognitive Therapy and Research

Uitgave 2/2009

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Original Article

The Effects of Inaccurate Expectations on Experiences with Psychotherapy

Laura D. Seligman, Lisa A. Wuyek, Andrew L. Geers, Joseph D. Hovey, Rebecca L. Motley

Original Article

An Investigation of Factors Associated with Cognitive Avoidance in Worry

Kathryn A. Sexton, Michel J. Dugas

Original Article

Self-Focused Ruminations and Memory Deficits in Obsessiveā€“Compulsive Disorder

Cornelia Exner, Vera Martin, Winfried Rief

Original Article

Hostility, Interpersonal Competence, and Daily Dependent Stress: A Daily Model of Stress Generation

Jorden C. Sahl, Lawrence H. Cohen, Kimberly B. Dasch

Original Article

Phenomenological Characteristics of Attentional Biases Towards Threat: A Critical Review

Josh M. Cisler, Amy K. Bacon, Nathan L. Williams

Original Article

Feeling Better and Smoking Less: The Relationship Between Trauma Symptoms and Smoking Over Time

Amy W. Helstrom, Margret E. Bell, Suzanne L. Pineles

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