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Journal of Foot and Ankle Research

Uitgave 1/2009

Inhoudsopgave (37 Artikelen)

Open Access Review

Understanding the nature and mechanism of foot pain

Fiona Hawke, Joshua Burns

Open Access Study protocol

Efficacy of intra-articular hyaluronan (Synvisc®) for the treatment of osteoarthritis affecting the first metatarsophalangeal joint of the foot (hallux limitus): study protocol for a randomised placebo controlled trial

Shannon E Munteanu, Hylton B Menz, Gerard V Zammit, Karl B Landorf, Christopher J Handley, Ayman ElZarka, Jason DeLuca

Open Access Research

Achieving professional status: Australian podiatrists' perceptions

Alan M Borthwick, Susan A Nancarrow, Wesley Vernon, Jeremy Walker

Open Access Research

Mechanical characteristics of three staples commonly used in foot surgery

Ulfin Rethnam, Jan Kuiper, Nilesh Makwana

Open Access Research

Reliability and normative values for the foot mobility magnitude: a composite measure of vertical and medial-lateral mobility of the midfoot

Thomas G McPoil, Bill Vicenzino, Mark W Cornwall, Natalie Collins, Meghan Warren

Open Access Research

Clinical audit of core podiatry treatment in the NHS

Lisa Farndon, Andrew Barnes, Keith Littlewood, Justine Harle, Craig Beecroft, Jaclyn Burnside, Tracey Wheeler, Selwyn Morris, Stephen J Walters

Open Access Research

Distribution and correlates of plantar hyperkeratotic lesions in older people

Martin J Spink, Hylton B Menz, Stephen R Lord

Open Access Research

Foot and ankle injuries during the Athens 2004 Olympic Games

Thanos Badekas, Stamatios A Papadakis, Nikolaos Vergados, Spyros P Galanakos, Angeliki Siapkara, Mike Forgrave, Nick Romansky, Steven Mirones, Hans-Jeorg Trnka, Marino Delmi

Open Access Research

Development and evaluation of a tool for the assessment of footwear characteristics

Christian J Barton, Daniel Bonanno, Hylton B Menz

Open Access Research

Clinical factors associated with a conservative gait pattern in older male veterans with diabetes

James S Wrobel, Ryan T Crews, John E Connolly

Open Access Research

Determination of normal values for navicular drop during walking: a new model correcting for foot length and gender

Rasmus G Nielsen, Michael S Rathleff, Ole H Simonsen, Henning Langberg

Open Access Research

Hydrodebridement of wounds: effectiveness in reducing wound bacterial contamination and potential for air bacterial contamination

Frank L Bowling, Daryl S Stickings, Valerie Edwards-Jones, David G Armstrong, Andrew JM Boulton

Open Access Review

Dermoscopy as a technique for the early identification of foot melanoma

Ivan R Bristow, Jonathan Bowling

Open Access Erratum

Erratum to: Arch height change during sit-to-stand: an alternative for the navicular drop test

Thomas G McPoil, Mark W Cornwall, Lynn Medoff, Bill Vicenzino, Kelly K Fosberg, Dana Hilz

Open Access Commentary

International Foot and Ankle Biomechanics Community (i-FAB): past, present and beyond

Christopher J Nester, Alberto Leardini, Peter R Cavanagh, Dieter Rosenbaum, Joshua Burns

Open Access Study protocol

Protocol for the Foot in Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis trial (FiJIA): a randomised controlled trial of an integrated foot care programme for foot problems in JIA

Gordon J Hendry, Deborah E Turner, John McColl, Paula K Lorgelly, Roger D Sturrock, Gordon F Watt, Michael Browne, Janet Gardner-Medwin, Lorraine Friel, Jim Woodburn

Open Access Commentary

Foot orthoses: how much customisation is necessary?

Hylton B Menz

Open Access Research

The paediatric flat foot proforma (p-FFP): improved and abridged following a reproducibility study

Angela Margaret Evans, Hollie Nicholson, Noami Zakarias

Open Access Study protocol

Efficacy of customised foot orthoses in the treatment of Achilles tendinopathy: study protocol for a randomised trial

Shannon E Munteanu, Karl B Landorf, Hylton B Menz, Jill L Cook, Tania Pizzari, Lisa A Scott

Open Access Research

Can foot anthropometric measurements predict dynamic plantar surface contact area?

Thomas G McPoil, Bill Vicenzino, Mark W Cornwall, Natalie Collins

Open Access Research

A Rasch Analysis of the Manchester Foot Pain and Disability Index

Sara Muller, Edward Roddy

Open Access Editorial

Journal of Foot and Ankle Research, one year on

Mike J Potter, Hylton B Menz, Alan M Borthwick, Karl B Landorf

Open Access Review

Diagnostic imaging for chronic plantar heel pain: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Andrew M McMillan, Karl B Landorf, Joanna T Barrett, Hylton B Menz, Adam R Bird

Open Access Methodology article

Reliability of measuring abductor hallucis muscle parameters using two different diagnostic ultrasound machines

Wayne A Hing, Keith Rome, Alyse FM Cameron

Open Access Research

A questionnaire for determining prevalence of diabetes related foot disease (Q-DFD): construction and validation

Shan M Bergin, Caroline A Brand, Peter G Colman, Donald A Campbell

Open Access Research

Foot posture influences the electromyographic activity of selected lower limb muscles during gait

George S Murley, Hylton B Menz, Karl B Landorf

Open Access Commentary

Recent developments in podiatric prescribing in the UK and Australia

Mark F Gilheany, Alan M Borthwick