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Journal of Foot and Ankle Research

Uitgave 1/2023

Inhoudsopgave (18 Artikelen)

Open Access Research

Searching for online information on the fit of children’s footwear during the COVID-19 pandemic: an analysis of Google Trends data

Carina Price, Stewart Morrison, Michael Haley, Christopher Nester, Anita Williams

Open Access Research

A randomised feasibility study of serial magnetic resonance imaging to reduce treatment times in Charcot neuroarthropathy in people with diabetes (CADOM)

Catherine Gooday, Frances Game, Jim Woodburn, Fiona Poland, Erika Sims, Ketan Dhatariya, Lee Shepstone, Garry Barton, Wendy Hardeman

Open Access Research

Stress reduction interventions for patients with chronic diabetic foot ulcers: a qualitative study into patients and caregivers’ perceptions

M. Graça Pereira, Susana Pedras, André Louro, Alberto Lopes, Margarida Vilaça

Open Access Research

Describing the factors related to rural podiatry work and retention in the podiatry workforce: a national survey

Anna Couch, Hylton B. Menz, Belinda O’Sullivan, Terry Haines, Cylie M. Williams

Open Access Review

The effect of dextrose prolotherapy versus placebo/other non-surgical treatments on pain in chronic plantar fasciitis: a systematic review and meta-analysis of clinical trials

Tannaz Ahadi, Masumeh Bagherzadeh Cham, Mahtab Mirmoghtadaei, Gholam Reza Raissi, Lobaneh Janbazi, Ghazal Zoghi

Open Access Research

Rate of tarsal and metatarsal bone mineral density change in adults with diabetes mellitus and peripheral neuropathy: a longitudinal study

Nicholas J. Youmans, Rachana S. Vaidya, Ling Chen, Hyo-Jung Jeong, Alexa York, Paul K. Commean, Mary K. Hastings, Jennifer A. Zellers

Open Access Research

Prediction of outcomes in subjects with type 2 diabetes and diabetic foot ulcers in Catalonian primary care centers: a multicenter observational study

Magdalena Bundó, Bogdan Vlacho, Judit Llussà, Isabel Bobé, Meritxell Aivar, Carmen Ciria, Ana Martínez-Sánchez, Jordi Real, Manel Mata-Cases, Xavier Cos, Montserrat Dòria, Jordi Viade, Josep Franch-Nadal, Dídac Mauricio

Open Access Research

Is the diagnostic validity of conventional radiography for Lisfranc injury acceptable?

Cheng Chen, JianTao Jiang, Cheng Wang, Jian Zou, ZhongMin Shi, YunFeng Yang

Open Access Research

Radiological features accompanying peroneus brevis split rupture revealed on magnetic resonance imaging – a cohort study

Michael Huuskonen, Simon Borkmann, Alexander Bengtsson, Piotr Sobecki, Rafał Józwiak, Nektarios Solidakis, Paweł Szaro

Open Access Research

Thick shells and medially wedged posts increase foot orthoses medial longitudinal arch stiffness: an experimental study

Ana Sofia Tavera Pelaez, Nader Farahpour, Ian B. Griffiths, Gabriel Moisan

Open Access Research

Decline in health-related quality of life and foot and ankle patient reported outcomes measures in patients with haemophilia and ankle haemarthropathy

Richard A. Wilkins, Heidi J. Siddle, Graham J. Chapman, Elizabeth Horn, Rebecca Walwyn, Anthony C. Redmond

Open Access Research

Risk prediction models for diabetic foot ulcer development or amputation: a review of reviews

Anjum S. Kaka, Adrienne Landsteiner, Kristine E. Ensrud, Brittany Logan, Catherine Sowerby, Kristen Ullman, Patrick Yoon, Timothy J. Wilt, Shahnaz Sultan

Open Access Research

Plantar pressure and falling risk in older individuals: a cross-sectional study

Yifeng Yan, Jianlin Ou, Hanxue Shi, Chenming Sun, Longbin Shen, Zhen Song, Lin Shu, Zhuoming Chen

Open Access Research

Rate of progressive healing with a carbon-fiber orthosis in cases of partial union and nonunion after ankle arthrodesis using the Ilizarov external fixator

Charlotte Cibura, Sebastian Lotzien, Thomas Rosteius, Christopher Ull, Periklis Godolias, Thomas Armin Schildhauer, Matthias Königshausen

Open Access Research

Exercise in adults admitted to hospital with diabetes-related foot ulcers: a pilot study of feasibility and safety

Emily Aitken, Jonathan Hiew, Emma J Hamilton, Laurens Manning, Jens Carsten Ritter, Edward Raby, Paul M Gittings

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