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Journal of Foot and Ankle Research

Uitgave 1/2010

Inhoudsopgave (32 Artikelen)

Open Access Research

Non- medical prescribing in Australasia and the UK: the case of podiatry

Alan M Borthwick, Anthony J Short, Susan A Nancarrow, Rosalie Boyce

Open Access Research

Augmented low-Dye tape alters foot mobility and neuromotor control of gait in individuals with and without exercise related leg pain

Melinda Franettovich, Andrew R Chapman, Peter Blanch, Bill Vicenzino

Open Access Research

The role of tibialis posterior fatigue on foot kinematics during walking

Michael B Pohl, Melissa Rabbito, Reed Ferber

Open Access Research

Minimal Important Difference (MID) of two commonly used outcome measures for foot problems

Karl B Landorf, Joel A Radford, Susie Hudson

Open Access Commentary

Looking through the 'window of opportunity': is there a new paradigm of podiatry care on the horizon in earlyrheumatoid arthritis?

James Woodburn, Kym Hennessy, Martijn PM Steultjens, Iain B McInnes, Deborah E Turner

Open Access Research

Improvement in symptoms and signs in the forefoot of patients with rheumatoid arthritis treated with anti-TNF therapy

Catherine J Bowen, Christopher J Edwards, Lindsey Hooper, Keith Dewbury, Madeleine Sampson, Sally Sawyer, Jane Burridge, Nigel K Arden

Open Access Review

The rheumatoid foot: a systematic literature review of patient-reported outcome measures

Steven Walmsley, Anita E Williams, Mike Ravey, Andrea Graham

Open Access Study protocol

Ultrasound guided injection of dexamethasone versus placebo for treatment of plantar fasciitis: protocol for a randomised controlled trial

Andrew M McMillan, Karl B Landorf, Mark F Gilheany, Adam R Bird, Adam D Morrow, Hylton B Menz

Open Access Review

Idiopathic toe walking and sensory processing dysfunction

Cylie M Williams, Paul Tinley, Michael Curtin

Open Access Research

A case-series study to explore the efficacy of foot orthoses in treating first metatarsophalangeal joint pain

Brian J Welsh, Anthony C Redmond, Nachiappan Chockalingam, Anne-Maree Keenan

Open Access Research

Radiographic correlates of hallux valgus severity in older people

Paul R D'Arcangelo, Karl B Landorf, Shannon E Munteanu, Gerard V Zammit, Hylton B Menz

Open Access Review

Prevalence of hallux valgus in the general population: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Sheree Nix, Michelle Smith, Bill Vicenzino

Open Access Research

Women's experiences of wearing therapeutic footwear in three European countries

Anita E Williams, Christopher J Nester, Michael I Ravey, Anke Kottink, Morey-Gaspar Klapsing

Open Access Research

'Choosing shoes': a preliminary study into the challenges facing clinicians in assessing footwear for rheumatoid patients

Renee N Silvester, Anita E Williams, Nicola Dalbeth, Keith Rome

Open Access Review

Clinical guidelines for the recognition of melanoma of the foot and nail unit

Ivan R Bristow, David AR de Berker, Katharine M Acland, Richard J Turner, Jonathan Bowling

Open Access Research

Microbiological contamination of cubicle curtains in an out-patient podiatry clinic

Ria Woodland, Deborah Whitham, Bill O'Neil, Simon Otter

Open Access Research

Diagnostic accuracy of existing methods for identifying diabetic foot ulcers from inpatient and outpatient datasets

Min-Woong Sohn, Elly Budiman-Mak, Rodney M Stuck, Farah Siddiqui, Todd A Lee

Open Access Research

Foot posture in people with medial compartment knee osteoarthritis

Pazit Levinger, Hylton B Menz, Mohammad R Fotoohabadi, Julian A Feller, John R Bartlett, Neil R Bergman

Open Access Editorial

'Foot' and 'surgeon': a tale of two definitions

Hylton B Menz, Alan M Borthwick, Mike J Potter, Karl B Landorf, Shannon E Munteanu

Open Access Research

The reliability of toe systolic pressure and the toe brachial index in patients with diabetes

Mary T Romanos, Anita Raspovic, Byron M Perrin