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Journal of Child and Family Studies

Journal of Child and Family Studies 2/2005

Uitgave 2/2005

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01-06-2005 | Uitgave 2/2005

Parents Provide Social Validation of Microswitch Programs for Children and Adults with Multiple Disabilities

Giulio E. Lancioni Ph.D., Nirbhay N. Singh Ph.D., Mark F. O’Reilly Ph.D., Simona Baccani B.A., Sara Pidala B.A., Doretta Oliva M.A., Jop Groeneweg Ph.D.

01-06-2005 | Uitgave 2/2005

Mental Health and Other Service Use by Youth in Therapeutic Foster Care and Group Homes

Alfiee M. Breland-Noble Ph.D., Elizabeth M. Z. Farmer Ph.D., Melanie S. Dubs B.A., Elizabeth Potter B.A., Barbara J. Burns Ph.D.

01-06-2005 | Uitgave 2/2005

Substance Use, Related Problem Behaviors and Adult Attachment in a Sample of High Risk Older Adolescent Women

Seana Golder Ph.D., Mary Rogers Gillmore Ph.D., Susan Spieker Ph.D., Diane Morrison Ph.D.

01-06-2005 | Uitgave 2/2005

Associations Among Family Structure, Demographics, and Adolescent Perceived Life Satisfaction

Keith J. Zullig M.S.P.H., Ph.D., Robert F. Valois Ph.D., M.P.H., E. Scott Huebner Ph.D., J. Wanzer Drane Ph.D.

01-06-2005 | Uitgave 2/2005

Accuracy of a Rationally Derived Method for Identifying Treatment Failure in Children and Adolescents

Matthew J. Bishop, Taige S. Bybee, Michael J. Lambert Ph.D., Gary M. Burlingame Ph.D., M. Gawain Wells Ph.D., Landon E. Poppleton

01-06-2005 | Uitgave 2/2005

Interventions for Child and Adolescent Depression: Do Professional Therapists Produce Better Results?

Kurt D. Michael Ph.D., Timothy J. Huelsman Ph.D., Susan L. Crowley Ph.D.

01-06-2005 | Uitgave 2/2005

Neighborhood Violence and Psychosocial Adjustment in Low-Income Urban African American Children: Physical Symptoms as a Marker of Child Adjustment

Deborah J. Jones Ph.D., Sarah Foster B.A., Greg Forehand M.S.W., Cara O’Connell M.A.

01-06-2005 | Uitgave 2/2005

Quality and Individualization in Wraparound Team Planning

Janet S. Walker Ph.D., Kathryn Schutte M.S.

01-06-2005 | Uitgave 2/2005

Pathways Between Social Support, Family Well Being, Quality of Parenting, and Child Resilience: What We Know

Mary I. Armstrong Ph.D., Shelly Birnie-Lefcovitch Ph.D., Michael T. Ungar Ph.D.

01-06-2005 | Uitgave 2/2005

Parent and Adolescent Responses to PovertyRelated Stress: Tests of Mediated and Moderated Coping Models

Martha E. Wadsworth Ph.D., Tali Raviv M.A., Bruce E. Compas Ph.D., Jennifer K. Connor-Smith Ph.D.

01-06-2005 | Uitgave 2/2005

School Mobility and Students with Emotional Disturbance

Kimber W. Malmgren Ph.D., Joseph C. Gagnon Ph.D.

01-06-2005 | Book Review | Uitgave 2/2005

Nonviolent Resistance: A New Approach to Violent and Self-Destructive Children. By Haim Omer. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, 2004.

Karen Rosenthal Hilsberg

01-06-2005 | Uitgave 2/2005


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