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Research on Child and Adolescent Psychopathology 11/2022
Research on Child and Adolescent Psychopathology

Uitgave 11/2022


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16-08-2022 | Correction

Correction To: Childhood Behavioral Inhibition and Overcontrol: Relationships with Cognitive Functioning, Error Monitoring, Anxiety and Obsessive–compulsive Symptoms
Kirsten Gilbert, Ella Sudit, Nathan A. Fox, Deanna M. Barch, Joan L. Luby


Do Executive Dysfunction, Delay Aversion, and Time Perception Deficit Predict ADHD Symptoms and Early Academic Performance in Preschoolers
Que Zheng, Yu Yan Cheng, Edmund Sonuga-Barke, Kathy Kar-man Shum


Associations among ADHD symptoms, ODD symptoms, and borderline personality features: A network analysis
Grace M. Brennan, Pevitr S. Bansal, James G. Waxmonsky, Daniel A. Waschbusch, Dara E. Babinski


Joint Consideration of Inhibitory Control and Irritability in Young Children: Contributions to Emergent Psychopathology
Amanda N. Nili, Sheila Krogh-Jespersen, Susan B. Perlman, Ryne Estabrook, Amelie Petitclerc, Margaret J. Briggs-Gowan, Phil R. Sherlock, Elizabeth S. Norton, Laurie S. Wakschlag


Socio-ecological Resilience Relates to Lower Internalizing Symptoms among Adolescents during the Strictest Period of COVID-19 Lockdown in Perú
Victoria Guazzelli Williamson, Estelle L. Berger, Marjolein E.A. Barendse, Jennifer H. Pfeifer, Ronald E. Dahl, Lucía Magis-Weinberg


Agreement, Stability, and Validity of Parent- and Youth-Reported Anxiety Symptoms from Childhood to Adolescence
Sarah Hyland, Daniel M. Mackin, Brandon L. Goldstein, Megan C. Finsaas, Daniel N. Klein


Maternal Worry Socialization and Toddler Inhibited Temperament: Transactional Associations and Stability across Time
Natalee N. Price, Elizabeth J. Kiel


Depression and anxiety symptoms amongst kenyan adolescents: Psychometric Properties, Prevalence Rates and Associations with Psychosocial Wellbeing and Sociodemographic factors
Tom L. Osborn, Katherine E. Venturo-Conerly, Jenny Y. Gan, Micaela Rodriguez, Rediet G. Alemu, Elizabeth Roe, Susana G. Arango, Akash R. Wasil, Stephanie Campbell, John R. Weisz, Christine M. Wasanga


Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia Change during Trauma-Focused Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy: Results from a Randomized Controlled Feasibility Trial
Chad E. Shenk, Brian Allen, Nancy A. Dreschel, Ming Wang, John M. Felt, Michelle P. Brown, Ashley M. Bucher, Michelle J. Chen, Anneke E. Olson

Open Access 27-04-2022

The Latent Structure of Child and Adolescent Psychopathology and its Association with Different Forms of Trauma and Suicidality and Self-Harm
Philip Hyland, Thanos Karatzias, Julian D. Ford, Robert Fox, Joseph Spinazzola


Drift-Diffusion Model Reveals Impaired Reward-Based Perceptual Decision-Making Processes Associated with Depression in Late Childhood and Early Adolescent Girls
Riddhi J. Pitliya, Brady D. Nelson, Greg Hajcak, Jingwen Jin

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