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Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment

Uitgave 1/2024

Inhoudsopgave (23 Artikelen)

Tobacco Dependence Measures and Smoking Abstinence at 6- and 12-Month Follow-Ups After a Cognitive-Behavioral Intervention

Carmela Martínez-Vispo, Ana López-Durán, Daniel Suárez-Castro, María Barroso-Hurtado, Elisardo Becoña

An Examination of the Protective Role of Internalizing Symptoms in Adolescent Substance Use

Maya M. Rieselbach, Shelley Gresko, Robin P. Corley, John K. Hewitt, Soo Hyun Rhee

Open Access

Interaction of Resting Heart Rate with Empathy in Predicting Externalizing Behavior

Sofi Oskarsson, Bridget M. Bertoldi, Anneli Andersson, Rebecca Siponen, Shichun Ling, Adrian Raine, Laura Baker, Brittany Evans, Catherine Tuvblad

Associations Between Subtypes of Empathy and Aggression in High-Risk Adolescents

Isabella Kahhale, Jamie L. Hanson, Adrian Raine, Amy L. Byrd

Validation of a Measure of Family Functioning in a Clinic-referred Sample of Children with Disruptive Behavior

Shaylea D. Badovinac, Marlena Colasanto, David B. Flora, Brendan F. Andrade

The Utility of the Unified Protocol in Treating Borderline Features

Martina Fruhbauerova, Nicole Stumpp, Shannon Sauer-Zavala

Temporal Relations Among Changes in Activation, Avoidance, and Anxiety in the Unified Protocol

Doug R. Terrill, Matthew W. Southward, Lindsey Crowley, Riley Feddock, Madeline L. Kushner, Shannon Sauer-Zavala

Clinical Validation of an ADHD Dissimulation Scale (Ds-ADHD) on the MMPI-2-RF

Timothy J. Arentsen, Christopher T. Burley, Holly R. Winiarski, Katie M. Califano, Marcy C. Adler, Jennifer S. Seeley McGee, Brad L. Roper

Open Access

Child- and Parent-Report Measures of Behavioral Avoidance (CAMS/CAMP): Portuguese Validation in Clinical and Non-Clinical Samples

Brígida Caiado, Maria Cristina Canavarro, Ana Isabel Pereira, Helena Moreira

Open Access

Portuguese adaptation of the Behavioral Inhibition Questionnaire (BIQ)

Catarina Cova Fernandes, Ana Teresa Martins, Luís Faísca

High Trait Anxiety Predicts Decreased Cortisol Awakening Response

Heming Gao, Xiangyu Liu, Lingpu Gou, Jingyan Jing, Mingming Qi


Correction to: Validation of the Social Effort and Conscientiousness Scale (SEACS) in Schizophrenia

Renata Botello, Kathryn Gill, Jessica L. Mow, Lawrence Leung, Jasmine Mote, Kim T. Mueser, David E. Gard, Daniel Fulford