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Cognitive Therapy and Research

Cognitive Therapy and Research 4/2006

Uitgave 4/2006

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01-08-2006 | Original Article | Uitgave 4/2006

Shame Reactions to Everyday Dilemmas are Associated with Depressive Disorder

Renee J. Thompson, Howard Berenbaum

01-08-2006 | Original Article | Uitgave 4/2006

Neediness and Interpersonal Life Stress: Does Congruency Predict Depression?

Alex Cogswell, Lauren B. Alloy, Jelena Spasojevic

01-08-2006 | Original article | Uitgave 4/2006

Offense-Taking: Development and Validation of a Trait Self-Report Measure

David R. Sigmon, C. R. Snyder

01-08-2006 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Uitgave 4/2006

Perceived Burdensomeness as an Indicator of Suicidal Symptoms

Kimberly A. Van Orden, Meredith E. Lynam, Daniel Hollar, Thomas E. Joiner Jr

01-08-2006 | Original Article | Uitgave 4/2006

Evidence of Broad Deficits in Emotion Regulation Associated with Chronic Worry and Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Kristalyn Salters-Pedneault, Lizabeth Roemer, Matthew T. Tull, Latanya Rucker, Douglas S. Mennin

01-08-2006 | Original Article | Uitgave 4/2006

Preparing Clients for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: A Randomized Pilot Study of Motivational Interviewing for Anxiety

Henny A. Westra, David J. A. Dozois

01-08-2006 | Original Article | Uitgave 4/2006

Goals and Depressive Symptoms: Cross-lagged Effects of Cognitive versus Emotional Goal Appraisals

Georgia Pomaki, Laura ter Doest, Stan Maes

01-08-2006 | Uitgave 4/2006

The Long-Term Stability of Early Maladaptive Schemas

Lawrence P. Riso, Shoshana E. Froman, Mona Raouf, Phillip Gable, Rachel E. Maddux, Noëlle Turini-Santorelli, Suzanne Penna, Jaime A. Blandino, Carli H. Jacobs, Melissa Cherry

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