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Cognitive Therapy and Research

Cognitive Therapy and Research 2/2005

Uitgave 2/2005

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01-04-2005 | Uitgave 2/2005

Adolescents’ Perceptions of Primary Caregivers and Cognitive Style: The Roles of Attachment Security and Gender

Stephanie A. Gamble, John E. Roberts

01-04-2005 | Uitgave 2/2005

Relationship Beliefs, Attributions, and Partner Behaviors Among Depressed Married Women

Lisa A. Uebelacker, Mark A. Whisman

01-04-2005 | Uitgave 2/2005

The Use of “As Many As Can” Versus “Feel Like Continuing” Stop Rules During Worrying

Graham C. L. Davey Ph.D., Helen M. Startup, C. Benie MacDonald, Deborah Jenkins, Kate Patterson

01-04-2005 | Uitgave 2/2005

Is Social Anxiety Associated With Both Interpersonal Avoidance and Interpersonal Dependence?

Kevin Darcy, Joanne Davila, J. Gayle Beck

01-04-2005 | Uitgave 2/2005

Cognitive Mediation of Panic Severity: The Role of Catastrophic Misinterpretation of Bodily Sensations and Panic Self-Efficacy

Leanne M. Casey, Peter A. Newcombe, Tian P. S. Oei

01-04-2005 | Uitgave 2/2005

Automatic Thoughts and Psychological Symptoms: A Cross-Cultural Comparison of American and Spanish Students

Esther Calvete, Jennifer K. Connor-Smith

01-04-2005 | Uitgave 2/2005

The Relationship Between Parenting Style, Cognitive Style, and Anxiety and Depression: Does Increased Early Adversity Influence Symptom Severity Through the Mediating Role of Cognitive Style?

Lata K. McGinn, Daniel Cukor, William C. Sanderson

01-04-2005 | Uitgave 2/2005

Family Stability as a Protective Factor Against the Influences of Pessimistic Attributional Style on Depression

Masha Y. Ivanova, Allen C. Israel

01-04-2005 | Uitgave 2/2005

Group and Individual Cognitive-Behavioral Treatments for Youth With Anxiety Disorders: 1-Year Follow-Up

Ellen Flannery-Schroeder PhD, Muniya S. Choudhury, Philip C. Kendall

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