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Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment

Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment 3/2011

Uitgave 3/2011

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01-09-2011 | Uitgave 3/2011

Risk Taking and Sensitivity to Punishment in Children with ADHD, ODD, ADHD+ODD, and Controls

Kathryn L. Humphreys, Steve S. Lee

01-09-2011 | Uitgave 3/2011

Startle Inhibition to Positive-Activated Compared to Neutral Stimuli: Variations in Self-Reported Behavioral Approach

Daniel F. Gros

01-09-2011 | Uitgave 3/2011

An examination of the Validity of the Elemental Psychopathy Assessment: Relations with Other Psychopathy Measures, Aggression, and Externalizing Behaviors

Lauren Wilson, Joshua D. Miller, Amos Zeichner, Donald R. Lynam, Thomas A. Widiger

01-09-2011 | Uitgave 3/2011

Adaptive and Aggressive Assertiveness Scales (AAA-S)

Renee J. Thompson, Howard Berenbaum

01-09-2011 | Uitgave 3/2011

Emotional Functioning in Children and Adolescents with Elevated Depressive Symptoms

Elizabeth Kate Hughes, Eleonora Gullone, Shaun D. Watson

01-09-2011 | Uitgave 3/2011

Assessing Emotion Regulation in Social Anxiety Disorder: The Emotion Regulation Interview

Kelly H. Werner, Philippe R. Goldin, Tali M. Ball, Richard G. Heimberg, James J. Gross

01-09-2011 | Uitgave 3/2011

Effectiveness of the MMPI-2-RF Validity Scales for Feigned Mental Disorders and Cognitive Impairment: A Known-Groups Study

Richard Rogers, Nathan D. Gillard, David T. R. Berry, Robert P. Granacher Jr.

01-09-2011 | Uitgave 3/2011

Differentiating Bipolar Disorder from Major Depressive Disorder Using the MMPI-2-RF: A Receiver Operating Characteristics (ROC) Analysis

Chris Watson, Lena C. Quilty, R. Michael Bagby

01-09-2011 | Uitgave 3/2011 Open Access

The Depressive Attributions Questionnaire (DAQ): Development of a Short Self-Report Measure of Depressogenic Attributions

Birgit Kleim, Désirée Gonzalo, Anke Ehlers

01-09-2011 | Uitgave 3/2011

The Predictive Validity of Injury Proxies: Predicting Early Adolescent Injuries with Assessments of Minor Injuries

Bryan T. Karazsia, Manfred H. M. van Dulmen

01-09-2011 | Uitgave 3/2011

The Sweating Cognitions Inventory: A Measure of Cognitions in Hyperhidrosis

Michael G. Wheaton, Autumn E. Braddock, Jonathan S. Abramowitz

01-09-2011 | Uitgave 3/2011

Criterion Validity of the MSI-BPD in a Community Sample of Women

Amee B. Patel, Carla Sharp, Peter Fonagy

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