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Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment

Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment 4/2011

Uitgave 4/2011

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01-12-2011 | Uitgave 4/2011

The Effects of Stimulant Medication on Free Recall of Story Events among Children with ADHD

Ursula L. Bailey, Karen J. Derefinko, Richard Milich, Elizabeth P. Lorch, Amanda Metze

01-12-2011 | Uitgave 4/2011

Women with Childhood ADHD: Comparisons by Diagnostic Group and Gender

Dara E. Babinski, William E. Pelham Jr., Brooke S. G. Molina, Daniel A. Waschbusch, Elizabeth M. Gnagy, Jihnhee Yu, Margaret H. Sibley, Aparajita Biswas

01-12-2011 | Uitgave 4/2011

An Evaluation of Behavioral Approach in Adults with ADHD

John T. Mitchell, Christopher D. Robertson, Nathan A. Kimbrel, Rosemery O. Nelson-Gray

01-12-2011 | Uitgave 4/2011

Why Do Parents Seek Help When Their Children’s Behavior Is Within Normative Levels?

Rex L. Forehand, Justin Parent, Kate Linnea, Mary Jane Merchant, Nicholas Long, Deborah J. Jones

01-12-2011 | Uitgave 4/2011

Searching for Specificity Between Cognitive Vulnerabilities and Mood and Anxiety Symptoms

Thomas A. Fergus, Kevin D. Wu

01-12-2011 | Uitgave 4/2011

The Structure and Nature of the Broader Autism Phenotype in a Non-clinical Sample

Allison L. Wainer, Brooke R. Ingersoll, Christopher J. Hopwood

01-12-2011 | Uitgave 4/2011

Psychometric Properties and Administration Measurement Invariance of Social Phobia Symptom Measures: Paper-Pencil vs. Internet Administrations

Michiyo Hirai, Laura L. Vernon, George A. Clum, Susan T. Skidmore

01-12-2011 | Uitgave 4/2011

Psychometric Properties of the Wisconsin Schizotypy Scales in an Undergraduate Sample: Classical Test Theory, Item Response Theory, and Differential Item Functioning

Beate P. Winterstein, Terry A. Ackerman, Paul J. Silvia, Thomas R. Kwapil

01-12-2011 | Uitgave 4/2011

Test of a Factor Mixture-Based Taxonic-Dimensional Model of Anxiety Sensitivity and Panic Attack Vulnerability among University and Clinical Samples in Mexico City

Amit Bernstein, Samuel Jurado Cárdenas, Patricia Edith Campos Coy, Michael J. Zvolensky

01-12-2011 | Uitgave 4/2011

An Exploratory and Confirmatory Factor Analysis of the Affective Control Scale in an Undergraduate Sample

Stephen E. Melka, Steven L. Lancaster, Andrew R. Bryant, Benjamin F. Rodriguez, Rebecca Weston

01-12-2011 | Uitgave 4/2011

Factor Structure of the PTSD Checklist in a Sample of OEF/OIF Veterans Presenting to Primary Care: Specific and Nonspecific Aspects of Dysphoria

Joah L. Williams, Christopher J. Monahan, Meghan E. McDevitt-Murphy

01-12-2011 | Uitgave 4/2011

Factor Structure Validation of the Alcohol Dependence Scale in a Heavy Drinking College Sample

Cara M. Murphy, James MacKillop

01-12-2011 | Uitgave 4/2011

A Comparison of Multidimensional Health Profiles across Three Trauma-Exposed Diagnostic Groups

Joah L. Williams, Meghan E. McDevitt-Murphy, Jordan A. Fields, Frank W. Weathers, Amanda M. Flood

01-12-2011 | Uitgave 4/2011 Open Access

Individuals with Fear of Blushing Explicitly and Automatically Associate Blushing with Social Costs

Klaske A. Glashouwer, Peter J. de Jong, Corine Dijk, Femke M. Buwalda

01-12-2011 | Uitgave 4/2011

Psychometric Analyses of the Test Anxiety Scale for Elementary Students (TAS-E) Scores among Singapore Primary School Students

Patricia A. Lowe, Rebecca P. Ang, Stephen W. Loke

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