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Journal of Child and Family Studies

Uitgave 6/2013

Inhoudsopgave (14 Artikelen)

Original Paper

Television Viewing and Televisions in Bedrooms: Perceptions of Racial/Ethnic Minority Parents of Young Children

Jess Haines, Ashley O’Brien, Julia McDonald, Roberta E. Goldman, Marie Evans-Schmidt, Sarah Price, Stacy King, Bettylou Sherry, Elsie M. Taveras

Original Paper

Maternal Empathy and Changes in Mothers’ Permissiveness as Predictors of Toddlers’ Early Social Competence with Peers: A Parenting Intervention Study

Caroline Christopher, Rachel Saunders, Deborah Jacobvitz, Rosalinda Burton, Nancy Hazen

Original Paper

The Relation of Parent and Child Gender to Parental Tolerance of Child Disruptive Behaviors

Anna W. Wright, Justin Parent, Rex Forehand, Mark C. Edwards, Nicola A. Conners-Burrow, Nicholas Long

Original Paper

Factor Analytic Structure and Validity of the Parental Feelings Inventory: A Brief Report

Elizabeth Gates Bradley, Sara D. Hurwitz, Elizabeth A. Harvey, Sarah Hodgson, Eve Marie Perugini

Original Paper

Yoga in an Urban School for Children with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders: A Feasibility Study

Naomi J. Steiner, Tahnee K. Sidhu, Patricia G. Pop, Elizabeth C. Frenette, Ellen C. Perrin

Original Paper

The Relationship Between Parent and Child Dysfunctional Beliefs About Sleep and Child Sleep

Ashlen San Ng, Helen F. Dodd, Amanda L. Gamble, Jennifer L. Hudson

Review Paper

Parental Practices and Theory of Mind Development

Gabriela Pavarini, Debora de Hollanda Souza, Carol Kozak Hawk