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Journal of Behavioral Medicine 6/2019
Journal of Behavioral Medicine

Uitgave 6/2019


Inhoudsopgave (14 Artikelen)

Open Access 22-04-2019

Pilot randomised controlled trial of a brief mindfulness-based intervention for those with persistent pain
Ana Howarth, Muhammad Riaz, Linda Perkins-Porras, Jared G. Smith, Jeevakan Subramaniam, Claire Copland, Mike Hurley, Iain Beith, Michael Ussher


Social support, loneliness, eating, and activity among parent–adolescent dyads
Jessica D. Welch, Erin M. Ellis, Paige A. Green, Rebecca A. Ferrer


Computerized neurocognitive training for improving dietary health and facilitating weight loss
Evan M. Forman, Stephanie M. Manasse, Diane H. Dallal, Rebecca. J. Crochiere, Caitlin M. Loyka, Meghan L. Butryn, Adrienne S. Juarascio, Katrijn Houben


Performance-based and questionnaire measures of executive function in adolescents with type 1 diabetes
Emily R. Hamburger, Morgan Lyttle, Bruce E. Compas, Sarah S. Jaser

Open Access 22-03-2019

Adapting a self-affirmation intervention for use in a mobile application for smokers
Jennifer M. Taber, Amy McQueen, Nicolle Simonovic, Erika A. Waters


Lay beliefs about risk: relation to risk behaviors and to probabilistic risk perceptions
Kristen E. Riley, Jennifer L. Hay, Erika A. Waters, Caitlin Biddle, Elizabeth Schofield, Yuelin Li, Heather Orom, Marc T. Kiviniemi


Cardiovascular disease risk factors are elevated among a cohort of young sexual and gender minorities in Chicago
Ethan Morgan, Richard D’Aquila, Mercedes R. Carnethon, Brian Mustanski


A web-based physical activity intervention benefits persons with low self-efficacy in COPD: results from a randomized controlled trial
Stephanie A. Robinson, Stephanie L. Shimada, Karen S. Quigley, Marilyn L. Moy


The role of emotional eating in the links between racial discrimination and physical and mental health
Lori S. Hoggard, Vanessa Volpe, Alvin Thomas, Ellie Wallace, Katrina Ellis


Promoting physical activity through a psychological group intervention in cardiac rehabilitation: a randomized controlled trial
Ramona Wurst, Stephan Kinkel, Jiaxi Lin, Wiebke Goehner, Reinhard Fuchs


Cognitive behavioral therapy for primary care depression and anxiety: a secondary meta-analytic review using robust variance estimation in meta-regression
Anao Zhang, Lindsay A. Borhneimer, Addie Weaver, Cynthia Franklin, Audrey Hang Hai, Samantha Guz, Li Shen

23-04-2019 | Brief Report

Self-report versus objective measurement of weight history: implications for pre-treatment weight gain
Phoutdavone Phimphasone-Brady, Lindsey M. Dorflinger, Christopher Ruser, Anastasia Bullock, Kathryn M. Godfrey, Dominica Hernandez, Kathryn M. Min, Robin M. Masheb

10-04-2019 | Brief Report

Does executive function moderate the relation between momentary affective and physical states and subsequent dietary lapse? An EMA investigation
Rebecca J. Crochiere, Clare Jocelyn Mangubat, Stephanie M. Manasse, Evan M. Forman

19-03-2019 | Brief Report

Glucocorticoid–immune response to acute stress in women and men living with HIV
Liisa Hantsoo, Sara Kornfield, Claudia Iannelli, Jessica Podcasy, David Metzger, Mary D. Sammel, C. Neill Epperson