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Quality of Life Research

Uitgave 1/2010

Inhoudsopgave (15 Artikelen)

Operationalization of the SAMHSA model of recovery: a quality of life perspective

Marcus Y. L. Chiu, Winnie W. N. Ho, William T. L. Lo, Michael G. C. Yiu

Change in health-related quality of life as a predictor of mortality in the older adults

Andrea Otero-Rodríguez, Luz María León-Muñoz, Teresa Balboa-Castillo, José R. Banegas, Fernando Rodríguez-Artalejo, Pilar Guallar-Castillón

Impact of road traffic noise annoyance on health-related quality of life: results from a population-based study

Julia Dratva, Elisabeth Zemp, Denise Felber Dietrich, Pierre-Olivier Bridevaux, Thierry Rochat, Christian Schindler, Margaret W. Gerbase

Women’s perceptions of their husband’s drinking behavior as a risk factor of their health-related quality of life in the postpartum period

Pei-Jen Chang, Li-Yao Wu, Yi Chun Chen, Chao-Hua Chuang, Wu-Shiun Hsieh, Shio-Jean Lin, Pau-Chung Chen

Open Access

Caregiver education in Parkinson’s disease: formative evaluation of a standardized program in seven European countries

L. E. I. A’Campo, N. G. A. Spliethoff-Kamminga, M. Macht, R. A. C. Roos

Mapping analyses to estimate health utilities based on responses to the OM8-30 otitis media questionnaire

Helen Dakin, Stavros Petrou, Mark Haggard, Sarah Benge, Ian Williamson

Open Access

Health status utilities and the impact of pressure ulcers in long-term care residents in Ontario

Hla-Hla Thein, Tara Gomes, Murray D. Krahn, Walter P. Wodchis

Brief Communication

Utility of the twelve-item World Health Organization Disability Assessment Schedule II (WHO-DAS II) for discriminating depression “caseness” and severity in Spanish primary care patients

Juan V. Luciano, José L. Ayuso-Mateos, Ana Fernandez, Jaume Aguado, Antoni Serrano-Blanco, Miquel Roca, Josep M. Haro

Efficiency of static and computer adaptive short forms compared to full-length measures of depressive symptoms

Seung W. Choi, Steven P. Reise, Paul A. Pilkonis, Ron D. Hays, David Cella

Open Access

The analysis of longitudinal quality of life measures with informative drop-out: a pattern mixture approach

Wendy J. Post, Ciska Buijs, Ronald P. Stolk, Elisabeth G. E. de Vries, Saskia le Cessie