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Quality of Life Research

Uitgave 10/2009

Inhoudsopgave (12 Artikelen)


Intellectual property rights and good research practice

Dennis A. Revicki, Carolyn E. Schwartz

Same question, different answers: a comparison of global health assessments using visual analogue scales

Mark J. Harrison, Annelies Boonen, Peter Tugwell, Deborah P. M. Symmons

Does urinary incontinence affect quality of life of Greek women less severely? A cross-sectional study in two Mediterranean settings

Stella Anifantaki, Tuncay Muge Filiz, Athanasios Alegakis, Pinar Topsever, Adelais Markaki, Nursan Dede Cinar, Frangiskos Sofras, Christos Lionis

Determinants of overall quality of life in women over the first year after surgery for early stage breast cancer

Brenda L. Den Oudsten, Jolanda De Vries, Alida F. W. Van der Steeg, Jan A. Roukema, Guus L. Van Heck

Development and validation of a composite score based on clinically meaningful events for the opioid-related symptom distress scale

Kitty S. Chan, Wen-Hung Chen, T. J. Gan, Ray Hsieh, Connie Chen, Mani Lakshminarayanan, Dennis A. Revicki

Psychometric properties of the Patient Activation Measure among individuals presenting for elective lumbar spine surgery

Richard L. Skolasky, Ellen J. Mackenzie, Lee H. Riley III, Stephen T. Wegener

The Oxford Ankle Foot Questionnaire for children: responsiveness and longitudinal validity

Christopher Morris, Helen Doll, Neville Davies, Andrew Wainwright, Tim Theologis, Keith Willett, Ray Fitzpatrick