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Netherlands Heart Journal 2/2022
Netherlands Heart Journal

Uitgave 2/2022


Inhoudsopgave (10 Artikelen)

Open Access 20-01-2022 | Editor’s Comment

New therapies to treat inherited cardiomyopathies are on the way
P. Vlasman, J. van der Velden

Open Access 07-06-2021 | Review Article

The effects of antidiabetic agents on heart failure
M. Wijnen, E. J. J. Duschek, H. Boom, M. van Vliet

Open Access 03-01-2022 | Point of View

No substantial excess all-cause mortality among cardiac implantable electronic device patients during the first COVID‑19 lockdown in the Leiden area
M. Feijen, A. D. Egorova, E. T. van der Velde, M. J. Schalij, S. L. M. A. Beeres

Open Access 18-06-2021 | Original Article – Study Design Article

Rationale and design of the PHOspholamban RElated CArdiomyopathy intervention STudy (i-PHORECAST)
W. P. te Rijdt, E. T. Hoorntje, R. de Brouwer, A. Oomen, A. Amin, J. F. van der Heijden, J. C. Karper, B. D. Westenbrink, H. H. W. Silljé, A. S. J. M. te Riele, A. C. P. Wiesfeld, I. C. van Gelder, T. P. Willems, P. A. van der Zwaag, J. P. van Tintelen, J. H. Hillege, H. L. Tan, D. J. van Veldhuisen, F. W. Asselbergs, R. A. de Boer, A. A. M. Wilde, M. P. van den Berg

Open Access 19-01-2022 | Original Article

COVID-19-mediated patient delay caused increased total ischaemic time in ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction
H. N. Sturkenboom, V. A. E. van Hattem, W. Nieuwland, F. M. A. Paris, M. Magro, R. L. Anthonio, A. Algin, E. Lipsic, E. Bruwiere, B. J. L. Van den Branden, J. Polad, P. Tonino, R. A. Tio

Open Access 09-08-2021 | Original Article

Report on outcomes of valve-in-valve transcatheter aortic valve implantation and redo surgical aortic valve replacement in the Netherlands
G. J. van Steenbergen, B. van Straten, K. Y. Lam, D. van Veghel, L. Dekker, P. A. Tonino

Open Access 15-09-2021 | Image Puzzle – Question

A ‘fishy’ ECG in a patient with chest pain
V. Devesa Neto, J. M. Santos, J. G. Pereira, L. Ferreira Santos, B. Marmelo

Open Access 01-06-2021 | Heart Beat

Pseudoaneurysm of radial artery after heart catheterisation
T. H. Pinxterhuis, S. H. Hofma, C. A. da Fonseca

Open Access 15-09-2021 | Image Puzzle – Answer

A ‘fishy’ ECG in a patient with chest pain
V. Devesa Neto, J. M. Santos, J. G. Pereira, L. Ferreira Santos, B. Marmelo

Open Access 13-01-2022 | Letter to the Editor

Is there anything else to fish out of this “fishy” electrocardiogram?
A. Y. Andreou

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