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Netherlands Heart Journal

Uitgave 1/2024

Inhoudsopgave (11 Artikelen)

Open Access Editorial

Welcome to the new editor-in-chief

Jan J. Piek

Open Access Editor’s Comment

‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’

Ruud F. Spee, Hareld M. Kemps, Tom Vromen

Open Access Commentary

Do not discriminate only on age for cardiovascular risk management!

Fabrice M. A. C. Martens

Open Access Review Article

The importance, consequences and treatment of psychosocial risk factors in heart disease: less conversation, more action!

Nina Kupper, Sophie van den Houdt, Petra M. J. C. Kuijpers, Jos Widdershoven

Open Access Review Article

Cardiac rehabilitation for patients with obesity: lessons learned from the OPTICARE XL trial

Iris den Uijl, Madoka Sunamura, Rutger M. W. Brouwers, Henk J. Stam, Eric Boersma, Rita J. G. van den Berg-Emons, Nienke ter Hoeve

Open Access Review Article

Exercise-based cardiac rehabilitation in stable angina pectoris: a narrative review on current evidence and underlying physiological mechanisms

Joyce M. Heutinck, Iris A. de Koning, Tom Vromen, Dick H. J. Thijssen, Hareld M. C. Kemps

Open Access Review Article

Cardiac telerehabilitation: current status and future perspectives

Rutger W. M. Brouwers, Martijn Scherrenberg, Hareld M. C. Kemps, Paul Dendale, Johan A. Snoek

Open Access Original Article

Brief lifestyle advice in cardiac care: an experimental study on message source and framing

Renée V. H. IJzerman, Rosalie van der Vaart, Linda D. Breeman, Inge van den Broek, Mike Keesman, Roderik A. Kraaijenhagen, Thomas Reijnders, Margo Weerts, Andrea W. M. Evers, Wilma J. M. Scholte op Reimer, Veronica R. Janssen

Open Access Original Article

Impact of implementing Dutch versus European guideline risk factor targets in older patients with ischaemic heart disease

Tinka J. van Trier, Marjolein Snaterse, Ron M. C. Herings, Jetty A. Overbeek, Ron J. G. Peters, Harald T. Jørstad

Open Access Original Article

Evaluation of an application for the self-assessment of lifestyle behaviour in cardiac patients

Wilhelmina F. Goevaerts, Nicole C. C. W. Tenbült—van Limpt, Yuan Lu, Willem J. Kop, Hareld M. C. Kemps, Rutger W. M. Brouwers

Open Access Opinion Paper

Cognitive screening and rehabilitation after cardiac arrest: only a few hurdles to take

Janine A. van Til, Martin E. W. Hemels, Jeannette Hofmeijer