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04-10-2018 | Commentary Open Access

Mind the gap: closure of right to left shunts for rare indications

02-10-2018 | Original Article Open Access

Changes in automated external defibrillator use and survival after out-of-hospital cardiac arrest in the Nijmegen area

To improve awareness and performance of early cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), a network of first responders (i. e. firemen/police), national awareness campaigns and local initiatives to improve lay person CPR have been employed, including …

01-10-2018 | Original Article Open Access

Longitudinal echocardiographic and clinical follow-up of patients undergoing mitral valve surgery without concomitant tricuspid valve repair

Guidelines recommend concomitant tricuspid valve (TV) repair for severe tricuspid regurgitation (TR); however, less is known regarding the management of mild to moderate TR. Our study showed that in patients with moderate TR or less, undergoing …

01-10-2018 | Editor’s Comment Open Access

Towards evidence-based management of patients treated with cardiotoxic chemotherapy: A collaborative effort of cardiologists and oncologists

24-09-2018 | Original Article Open Access

Device updates successfully reduce T‑wave oversensing and inappropriate shocks in subcutaneous ICD patients

Updated S‑ICD devices successfully reduce the incidence of TWOS/IS in S‑ICD patients. Probably the SMR8 software update also successfully reduces the incidence of TWOS/IS in S‑ICD patients. These findings stress the need for constant improvement of …

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The scope of the Netherlands Heart Journal is to contribute to the national and international literature by publishing scientific papers in the field of cardiovascular medicine. It also provides a platform for Continuing Medical Education for cardiologists and those in training for the speciality of cardiology in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands Heart Journal is made available to cardiologists, cardiologists in training, cardiopulmonary surgeons, cardiopulmonary surgeons in training, internists and paediatric cardiologists. The journal is the official journal of the Netherlands Society of Cardiology.

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