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Netherlands Heart Journal 1/2022
Netherlands Heart Journal

Uitgave 1/2022


Inhoudsopgave (7 Artikelen)

Open Access 02-11-2021 | Editor’s Comment

Emphasis on prevention: how to approach residual cardiovascular risk
J. H. Cornel, R. J. G. Peters

Open Access 11-11-2021 | Review Article

Lifestyle management to prevent atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease: evidence and challenges
T. J. van Trier, N. Mohammadnia, M. Snaterse, R. J. G. Peters, H. T. Jørstad, W. A. Bax

Open Access 19-07-2021 | Review Article

Working towards full eradication of lipid-driven cardiovascular risk?
N. S. Nurmohamed, E. S. G. Stroes

Open Access 17-08-2021 | Review Article

Targeting residual inflammatory risk in coronary disease: to catch a monkey by its tail
A. T. L. Fiolet, T. S. J. Opstal, M. J. M. Silvis, J. H. Cornel, A. Mosterd

Open Access 06-08-2021 | Review Article

Long-term residual cardiovascular risk after acute coronary syndrome: antithrombotic treatment options
D. R. P. P. Chan Pin Yin, J. M. ten Berg

Open Access 14-07-2021 | Review Article

The challenge of choosing in cardiovascular risk management
R. M. Hoogeveen, N. M. J. Hanssen, J. R. Brouwer, A. Mosterd, C. J. Tack, A. A. Kroon, G. J. de Borst, J. ten Berg, T. van Trier, J. Roeters van Lennep, A. Liem, E. Serné, F. L. J. Visseren, J. H. Cornel, R. J. G. Peters, J. W. Jukema, E. S. G. Stroes, the PANORAMA working group

Open Access 04-10-2021 | Point of View

An appeal to our government for nationwide policies in the prevention of cardiovascular disease
T. J. van Trier, N. Mohammadnia, M. Snaterse, R. J. G. Peters, H. T. Jørstad, W. A. Bax, J. D. Mackenbach