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Netherlands Heart Journal 3/2022
Netherlands Heart Journal

Uitgave 3/2022


Inhoudsopgave (10 Artikelen)

Open Access 15-02-2022 | Editor’s Comment

Renal denervation revisited; should we pay attention?
R. J. de Winter

Open Access 20-07-2021 | Point of View

Sutureless aortic valve with supracoronary ascending aortic replacement as an alternative strategy for composite graft replacement in elderly patients
J. R Olsthoorn, K. Y. Lam, F. Akca, N. M. A. J. Timmermans, M. E. S. H. Tan

Open Access 04-05-2021 | Original Article

Mitral prolapsing volume is associated with increased cardiac dimensions in patients with mitral annular disjunction
P. Luyten, S. Heuts, E. Cheriex, J. R. Olsthoorn, H. J. G. M. Crijns, B. Winkens, J. W. Roos-Hesselink, P. Sardari Nia, S. Schalla

Open Access 29-04-2021 | Original Article

Clinical consequences of consecutive self-expanding transcatheter heart valve iterations
H. G. Kroon, L. van Gils, F. Ziviello, M. P. H. van Wiechen, J. F. W. Ooms, Z. Rahhab, N. El Faquir, A.‑M. Maugenest, J. A. Goudzwaard, P. Cummins, M. Lenzen, I. Kardys, J. Daemen, F. Mattace-Raso, P. P. T. de Jaegere, N. M. Van Mieghem

Open Access 05-10-2021 | Original Article

Endovascular renal sympathetic denervation to improve heart failure with reduced ejection fraction: the IMPROVE-HF-I study
L. Feyz, R. Nannan Panday, M. Henneman, F. Verzijlbergen, A. A. Constantinescu, B. M. van Dalen, J. J. Brugts, K. Caliskan, M. L. Geleijnse, I. Kardys, N. M. Van Mieghem, O. Manintveld, J. Daemen

Open Access 15-12-2021 | Original Article

Diagnostic accuracy of on-site coronary computed tomography-derived fractional flow reserve in the diagnosis of stable coronary artery disease
J. Peper, J. Schaap, B. J. W. M. Rensing, J. C. Kelder, M. J. Swaans

Open Access 20-04-2021 | Original Article

Prognostic analysis of Behçet’s disease with aortic regurgitation or involvement
X. Li, X. Wen, J. Xu, Q. Lin, L. Liu

Open Access 09-09-2021 | Rhythm Puzzle – Question

A sneak preview
A. W. G. J. Oomen

Open Access 15-09-2021 | Heart Beat

A routine intervention in a highly unusual vessel
A. Gasecka, M. Voskuil, E. E. C. de Waal, M. I. F. J. Oerlemans, F. Ramjankhan, L. W. van Laake, A. O. Kraaijeveld

Open Access 09-09-2021 | Rhythm Puzzle – Answer

A sneak preview
A. W. G. J. Oomen

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