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Netherlands Heart Journal 12/2022
Netherlands Heart Journal

Uitgave 12/2022


Inhoudsopgave (10 Artikelen)

Open Access 15-11-2022 | Editor’s Comment

Biomarkers for cardiovascular risk prediction: from pioneering to evidence-based use in clinical practice
M. E. W. Hemels

Open Access 31-03-2022 | Point of View

Specific recommendations (or lack thereof) for older patients with cardiovascular disease in the current European Society of Cardiology guidelines
From the Dutch Working Group of Geriatric Cardiology of the Netherlands Society of Cardiology (NVVC) and Special Interest Group Geriatric Cardiology of the Netherlands Society for Clinical Geriatrics (NVKG)
Kirsten. Boerlage-van Dijk, Charlotte E. P. Siegers, Noëmie T. A. E. Wouters, Miriam C. Faes, Robert A. M. Verbunt, J. Hans Geertman, Mieke van den Heuvel, Chajja T. U. van de Meerendonk, Su-San Liem, Jose P. Henriques, Jan Paul Ottervanger

Open Access 07-04-2022 | Review Article

Using real-world data to monitor and improve quality of care in coronary artery disease: results from the Netherlands Heart Registration
Marijke J. C. Timmermans, Saskia Houterman, Edgar D. Daeter, Peter W. Danse, Wilson W. Li, Erik Lipsic, Maaike M. Roefs, Dennis van Veghel

Open Access 14-11-2022 | Commentary

Working together to ensure the realisation of ‘life to years’
R. Collins

Open Access 07-06-2022 | Original Article

Major adverse cardiovascular events in older emergency department patients presenting with non-cardiac medical complaints
N. Zelis, A. M. M. Roumans-van Oijen, J. Buijs, D. J. W. van Kraaij, S. M. J. van Kuijk, P. W. de Leeuw, P. M. Stassen

Open Access 16-09-2022 | Original Article

Final benefit of primary percutaneous coronary intervention for ST-elevation myocardial infarction in older patients: long-term results of a randomised trial
M.-J. de Boer, J. P. Ottervanger, A. W. J. van’t Hof, J. C. A. Hoorntje, H. Suryapranata, F. Zijlstra

Open Access 10-05-2022 | Original Article

Prediction of prognosis in patients with left ventricular dysfunction using three-dimensional strain echocardiography and cardiac magnetic resonance imaging
M. F. A. Aly, S. A. Kleijn, J. H. van Lenthe, R. F. Menken-Negroiu, L. F. Robbers, A. M. Beek, O. Kamp

Open Access 08-09-2022 | Image Puzzle – Question

Focal myocardial effects in infective endocarditis
V. A. W. M. Umans, Tj. Germans, M. G. J. Duffels

Open Access 10-11-2022 | Letter to the Editor

The MIS-HF in clinical practice
A. J. Gingele, J. Boyne, C. Knackstedt, H. P. Brunner-La Rocca

Open Access 08-09-2022 | Image Puzzle – Answer

Focal myocardial effects in infective endocarditis
V. A. W. M. Umans, Tj. Germans, M. G. J. Duffels

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