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Netherlands Heart Journal

Uitgave 11/2022

Inhoudsopgave (10 Artikelen)

Open Access Editor’s Comment

Dealing with a new disease

Y. M. Pinto

Open Access Point of View

Defining left bundle branch block according to the new 2021 European Society of Cardiology criteria

S. Calle, F. Timmermans, J. De Pooter

Open Access Original Article

Transcatheter aortic valve implantation amid the COVID-19 pandemic: a nationwide analysis of the first COVID-19 wave in the Netherlands

M. J. P. Rooijakkers, W. W. L. Li, N. A. Stens, M. M. Vis, P. A. L. Tonino, L. Timmers, N. M. Van Mieghem, P. den Heijer, S. Kats, P. R. Stella, V. Roolvink, H. W. van der Werf, M. G. Stoel, C. E. Schotborgh, G. Amoroso, F. Porta, F. van der Kley, M. H. van Wely, H. Gehlmann, L. A. F. M. van Garsse, G. S. C. Geuzebroek, M. W. A. Verkroost, J. M. Mourisse, N. M. Medendorp, N. van Royen

Open Access Original Article

Echocardiographic estimation of pulmonary hypertension in COVID-19 patients

A. E. P. Wolters, A. J. P. Wolters, T. D. A. van Kraaij, B. L. J. H. Kietselaer

Open Access Original Article

Characteristics and outcomes of COVID-19 in heart transplantation recipients in the Netherlands

S. A. Muller, O. C. Manintveld, M. K. Szymanski, K. Damman, M. G. van der Meer, K. Caliskan, L. W. van Laake, M. I. F. J. Oerlemans

Open Access Original Article

Characteristics of chest pain in COVID-19 patients in the emergency department

M. Sinkeldam, A. G. Buenen, E. Celiker, M. van Diepen, A. M. de Vos

Open Access Rhythm Puzzle – Question

A rare cause of narrow QRS complex tachycardia: the tortoise and the hare

S. C. Yap

Open Access Rhythm Puzzle – Answer

A rare cause of narrow QRS complex tachycardia: the tortoise and the hare

S. C. Yap