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Cognitive Therapy and Research

Cognitive Therapy and Research 2/1998

Uitgave 2/1998

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01-04-1998 | Uitgave 2/1998

Use of Self-Instructional Strategies with Three Neurologically Impaired Adults

Michael Ellen O'Callaghan, Barbara Couvadelli

01-04-1998 | Uitgave 2/1998

Content Analysis of Worrisome Streams of Consciousness in Anxious and Dysphoric Participants

Silvia Molina, Thomas D. Borkovec, Catherine Peasley, Denise Person

01-04-1998 | Uitgave 2/1998

No Threat-Related Processing Bias in Low Trait-Anxious/High State-Anxious Novice Parachuters

Marcel Van Den Hout, Arnoud Arntz, Sabine Janssen, Peter De Jong, Karin Pool

01-04-1998 | Uitgave 2/1998

Risk Perceptions and Interpretations of Ambiguity Related to Anxiety During a Stressful Event

Edith Chen, Michelle G. Craske

01-04-1998 | Uitgave 2/1998

Interpersonal Problem Behaviors Associated with Dysfunctional Attitudes

Mark A. Whisman, Michael A. Friedman

01-04-1998 | Uitgave 2/1998

Cognitive-Interpersonal Patterns in Dysphoria: The Impact of Sociotropy and Autonomy

Peter J. Bieling, Lynn E. Alden

01-04-1998 | Uitgave 2/1998

Use of a Modified Stroop Task to Examine Appearance-Schematic Information Processing in College Women

Andrew S. Labarge, Thomas F. Cash, Timothy A. Brown

01-04-1998 | Note | Uitgave 2/1998

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