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Cognitive Therapy and Research

Cognitive Therapy and Research 1/2005

Uitgave 1/2005

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01-02-2005 | Uitgave 1/2005

Cognitive Mechanisms in Generalized Anxiety Disorder: A Second Generation of Theoretical Perspectives

John H. Riskind

01-02-2005 | Uitgave 1/2005

The Looming Cognitive Style and Generalized Anxiety Disorder: Distinctive Danger Schemas and Cognitive Phenomenology

John H. Riskind, Nathan L. Williams

01-02-2005 | Uitgave 1/2005

Attentional Bias in Generalized Anxiety Disorder Versus Depressive Disorder

Karin Mogg, Brendan P. Bradley

01-02-2005 | Uitgave 1/2005

Thought Control Strategies in Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Meredith E. Coles, Richard G. Heimberg

01-02-2005 | Uitgave 1/2005

Intolerance of Uncertainty and Information Processing: Evidence of Biased Recall and Interpretations

Michel J. Dugas, Mary Hedayati, Angie Karavidas, Kristin Buhr, Kylie Francis, Natalie A. Phillips

01-02-2005 | Uitgave 1/2005

Fear and Avoidance of Internal Experiences in GAD: Preliminary Tests of a Conceptual Model

Lizabeth Roemer PhD, Kristalyn Salters, Susan D. Raffa, Susan M. Orsillo

01-02-2005 | Uitgave 1/2005

Emotion Dysregulation in Generalized Anxiety Disorder: A Comparison with Social Anxiety Disorder

Cynthia L. Turk, Richard G. Heimberg, Jane A. Luterek, Douglas S. Mennin, David M. Fresco

01-02-2005 | Uitgave 1/2005

The Metacognitive Model of GAD: Assessment of Meta-Worry and Relationship With DSM-IV Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Adrian Wells

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