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Child Psychiatry & Human Development

Child Psychiatry & Human Development 3/2017

Uitgave 3/2017

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22-06-2016 | Original Article | Uitgave 3/2017

The Penn State Worry Questionnaire for Children: Age, Gender and Clinical Invariance

Costina R. Păsărelu, Anca Dobrean, Robert Balazsi, Elena Predescu, Roxana Şipos, Viorel Lupu

27-06-2016 | Original Article | Uitgave 3/2017

Neuropsychological Functioning and Attachment Representations in Early School Age as Predictors of ADHD Symptoms in Late Adolescence

Raziye Salari, Gunilla Bohlin, Ann-Margret Rydell, Lisa B. Thorell

30-06-2016 | Original Article | Uitgave 3/2017 Open Access

Effective Mental Health Screening in Adolescents: Should We Collect Data from Youth, Parents or Both?

Christine Kuhn, Marcel Aebi, Helle Jakobsen, Tobias Banaschewski, Luise Poustka, Yvonne Grimmer, Robert Goodman, Hans-Christoph Steinhausen

27-06-2016 | Original Article | Uitgave 3/2017

Depression with Mixed Features in Adolescent Psychiatric Patients

Elisabeth A. Frazier, Lance P. Swenson, Tracy Mullare, Daniel P. Dickstein, Jeffrey I. Hunt

08-07-2016 | Original Article | Uitgave 3/2017

Child Anxiety Prevention Study: Impact on Functional Outcomes

Jeffrey E. Pella, Kelly L. Drake, Jenn-Yun Tein, Golda S. Ginsburg

07-07-2016 | Original Article | Uitgave 3/2017

A Cross-Lag Panel Analysis of Low Self-Esteem as a Predictor of Adolescent Internalizing Symptoms in a Prospective Longitudinal Study

Tina In-Albon, Andrea H. Meyer, Christa Winkler Metzke, Hans-Christoph Steinhausen

02-08-2016 | Original Article | Uitgave 3/2017

Parenting Strategies to Deal with Children’s Anxiety: Do Parents Do What They Say They Do?

Ana Beato, Ana Isabel Pereira, Luísa Barros

29-07-2016 | Original Article | Uitgave 3/2017

Mothers’ Early Depressive Symptoms and Preschoolers’ Behavioral Problems: The Moderating Role of Genetic Influences

Ni Yan, Aprile Benner, Elliot Tucker-Drob, K. Paige Harden

12-07-2016 | Original Article | Uitgave 3/2017

Parental Involvement in Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Children with Anxiety Disorders: 3-Year Follow-Up

Monika Walczak, Barbara H. Esbjørn, Sonja Breinholst, Marie Louise Reinholdt-Dunne

22-07-2016 | Original Article | Uitgave 3/2017

Self-Reported Time in Bed and Sleep Quality in Association with Internalizing and Externalizing Symptoms in School-Age Youth

Sonia L. Rubens, Spencer C. Evans, Stephen P. Becker, Paula J. Fite, Andrea M. Tountas

18-07-2016 | Original Article | Uitgave 3/2017

Spanish Validation of the Separation Anxiety Assessment Scale

Aurora Orenes, Xavier Méndez, José M. García-Fernández

25-07-2016 | Original Article | Uitgave 3/2017

Temperamental Characteristics of Withdrawn Behavior Problems in Children

David H. Rubin, Eileen T. Crehan, Robert R. Althoff, David C. Rettew, Erica Krist, Valerie Harder, John T. Walkup, James J. Hudziak

02-08-2016 | Original Article | Uitgave 3/2017

Augmenting Cognitive Behavior Therapy for School Refusal with Fluoxetine: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Glenn A. Melvin, Amanda L. Dudley, Michael S. Gordon, Ester Klimkeit, Eleonora Gullone, John Taffe, Bruce J. Tonge

10-08-2016 | Original Article | Uitgave 3/2017

Temper Loss and Persistent Irritability in Preschoolers: Implications for Diagnosing Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder in Early Childhood

Sarah E. Martin, Jeffrey I. Hunt, Lauren R. Mernick, Mia DeMarco, Heather L. Hunter, Maria Teresa Coutinho, John R. Boekamp

11-08-2016 | Original Article | Uitgave 3/2017

Examination of the Phenomenology and Clinical Correlates of Emetophobia in a Sample of Salvadorian Youths

Monica S. Wu, Robert R. Selles, Juan Carlos Novoa, Raquel Zepeda, Daniel Guttfreund, Nicole M. McBride, Eric A. Storch

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