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Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment

Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment 4/2003

Uitgave 4/2003

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01-12-2003 | Uitgave 4/2003

PTSD and Emotional Distress Symptoms Measured After a Motor Vehicle Accident: Relationships with Pain Coping Profiles

J. Gayle Beck, Berglind Gudmundsdottir, Jillian C. Shipherd

01-12-2003 | Uitgave 4/2003

Assessment of Anxious Rearing Behaviors with a Modified Version of “Egna Minnen Beträffande Uppfostran” Questionnaire for Children

Peter Muris, Cor Meesters, Anneke van Brakel

01-12-2003 | Uitgave 4/2003

Mother–Child Agreement on Reports of Internalizing Symptoms Among Children Referred for Evaluation of ADHD

Therese S. Kemper, Rebecca Gerhardstein, Karla K. Repper, Janet A. Kistner

01-12-2003 | Uitgave 4/2003

Depression and Anxiety: Integrating the Tripartite and Cognitive Content-Specificity Assessment Models

Richard Beck, Bradley Benedict, Angie Winkler

01-12-2003 | Uitgave 4/2003

Latent Structure of the Davis Interpersonal Reactivity Index in Methadone Maintenance Patients

Arthur I. Alterman, Paul A. McDermott, John S. Cacciola, Megan J. Rutherford

01-12-2003 | Uitgave 4/2003

Algorithm Versus Cut-Point Derived PTSD in Ex-Prisoners of War

Joan M. Cook, Richard Thompson, James C. Coyne, Javaid I. Sheikh

01-12-2003 | Uitgave 4/2003

The Nature of Generalized Anxiety in Older Primary Care Patients: Preliminary Findings

Melinda A. Stanley, Gretchen J. Diefenbach, Derek R. Hopko, Diane Novy, Mark E. Kunik, Nancy Wilson, Paula Wagener

01-12-2003 | Uitgave 4/2003

Book Review: Effective Treatments for Community Clinical Settings

Frederic J. Sautter

01-12-2003 | Dedication | Uitgave 4/2003

Acknowledgement of Ad Hoc Reviewers

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